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Mid-year already. Somebody slow the clock down…

  • Study finds mobile phones cut sperm count. A new twist on “will you call me in the morning?”.
  • Ladies, stop laughing – I’ve got one for you too. Atkins Diet affects chances of conception. But I wouldn’t be so crass to mention a high-protein diet after the last story.
  • Sounds like a good enough reason to resort to a natural entheogen – chewing Khat leaves said to boost sperm power.
  • Worldwide scare on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was based on flawed research.
  • Iranian woman gives birth to a frog. A game of leap frog gone wrong?
  • After 60 years of biding its time, the corpse flower is about bloom into full stench. A rose by any other name…
  • Scientists extract and clone DNA from 65,000-year-old hair.
  • Why do some men experience pregnancy symptoms such as vomiting and nausea?
  • Nazi shadow over German IVF research.
  • ‘Ghost’ busted by home improvement television show.
  • Normal explanations for Min Min lights?
  • Looking back at the California crop circle, one year on. And looking at a Utah crop circle right now.
  • UFOlogy’s untapped resource – Canada.
  • Crypto Conference witnesses rare talk by Bigfoot legend Bob Gimlin.
  • Psychologist Leo Sprinkle on Past-Life Regression (PLR).
  • British Museum unravels mummy mystery in 3D.
  • Afghanistan’s legendary Bactrian Gold surfaces briefly for catalogueing. Images please?!
  • Contrary to recent fears of a zoning change, Silbury Hill will be off-limits to walkers.
  • The Arctic Ocean holds monsters of the vasty deep.
  • Milky Way X-ray mystery deepens.
  • More and more evidence emerging about Mars’ watery past.
  • Scientists are baffled as to how this black hole had time to grow to its massive size (about 10 billion times the mass of our Sun).
  • Astrobiology presents an excerpt from Alan Shephard’s Light This Candle. Hip-gangsta-wannabes take note…cool your over-blown testosterone levels – these guys were ‘real men’.
  • Here’s the latest newsletter from James Randi.
  • Here’s a thought – next time you’ve had a big night on the bottle and want to fight off the hangover, try some cactus extract. Probably a good idea to make sure it’s a prickly pear though, rather than a peyote or San Pedro.
  • Watching too much TV might bring on early puberty due to changes in melatonin.
  • Longevity uncorked? Feel good about working your way through a nice Red.
  • New type of ultrasound scan provides stunning images of baby in womb.
  • As always we try and present the really important stuff – student builds beer device to pour the perfect pint.

Quote of the Day:

The current U.S. military budget is roughly $350 billion, all dedicated to the technology of death. Contrast this with the funds available to do research on the conscious survival of death. Did I hear an amused snicker?

Michael Grosso