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Grandma Grail is visiting. Perhaps I should have given her the Monday update to do…

  • Amateur archaeologists busted doing DIY digs at Mycenae.
  • Egypt steps up call for return of Nefertiti bust from Germany.
  • Baalbek identified as ancient city of Tunip.
  • Pigeons lead to medieval fresco of winged angels in false ceiling of cathedral.
  • US military base in Iraq said to have caused ‘horrifying’ damage to ancient Babylonian temple.
  • Despite the media hype, Burt Rutan says that space tours are not on the horizon. Would that be due to the atmospheric costs? Or the space constraints? Bah, I tire of this word-play.
  • Additionally, data is showing that SpaceShipOne took a ‘trajectory excursion‘. At least it wasn’t a ‘major malfunction’ (children of the 80s will know what that refers to).
  • NASA announces organisational changes.
  • Space.com takes a closer look at the dragon in the Northern sky.
  • Spirit finds a rock unlike anything seen on Mars or Earth before.
  • Beach blob mystery solved at last. Also: abstract for “Microscopic, Biochemical, and Molecular Characteristics of the Chilean Blob and a Comparison With the Remains of Other Sea Monsters: Nothing but Whales“.
  • Chinese building longevity gene database.
  • Breast milk found to destroy warts, perhaps also cancers.
  • Doubts cast on effectiveness of Alzheimer’s drug Aricept.
  • Irishmen see delta-winged inter-planetary craft. Apparently.
  • Cryptozoology conference held on the weekend.
  • A recap of Robert McNally’s research on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and alien abductions.
  • What a task it would be, to count all the fish in the sea.
  • Let the science and art of nanotechnology take you on a fantastic voyage.
  • Robot scout heading to Iraq for some real-world testing.

Quote of the Day:

Know that your mind itself is immeasurable, the container of a myriad, myriad universes, each of them vast beyond your comprehension. All the illimitable power that exists in those myrids of universes would be yours in full, if you had the wisdom enough to use it. The same is true of every sentient being … when a single bee sucks honey, all beings in the myriad universes suck honey; when a worm is crushed , all beings in those universes are crushed. Remember, the source of all power lies within yourself …

John Blofeld