News Briefs 08-06-2004

Hope your day is going swimmingly. Here’s some news to make things interesting…

  • Want to see something no living person has witnessed before? Check out the solar transit of Venus today (just you and the other billion people). Like a good parent, I’ll ask that you take protection with you.
  • Experimental pill halts breast cancer in eight weeks.
  • On July 1st, we’ll get closer to Saturn than we have ever done before, courtesy of the Cassini probe. They’ll have to set up a cable TV channel devoted entirely to space exploration soon.
  • Explanation put forward for Milky Way galaxy’s mysterious filaments. Perhaps it’s unravelling.
  • NASA decides on high-risk plunge into crater for Mars rover Opportunity.
  • Brisbane statue still far from miraculous. Quite the publicity-gainer though.
  • Green sweat puzzles Chinese doctors. The disturbing aspect is that the doctor is fine with red and blue sweat, but is upset about green sweat.
  • Ghostbusters called into haunted theatre. Two decades on, but it seems ghostbusting is becoming a respectable profession.
  • Can dying people postpone their death until after a meaningful event has passed? New research says no.
  • Review of Barbara Weisberg’s TALKING TO THE DEAD, the story of the (in?)famous Fox sisters.
  • Satanic ritual blamed for death of Italian teens.
  • Maverick inventor’s amazing electric motor uses permanent magnets to its advantage. Don’t we all love a maverick inventor.
  • Farmers to control wi-fi herds from home like a computer game? Good news for Grandma Grail who was target practice for one of her cows last weekend.
  • Biotech crops cropping up where they shouldn’t.
  • Is the world’s oil running out quickly? Hard to tell – one news story says this, the next says oil is here to stay. Perhaps we should all run our engines 24/7 and settle this debate quickly.
  • Hospital tests barcoding of patients. Here’s hoping you’re never labelled ‘out of stock’.
  • The skylarks did it! Crop circles help boost skylark populations.
  • Ancient Islamic map shows egg-shaped England.
  • Pharaoh Zahi says the Egyptian Museum will begin proper recording and storage of its treasures after some items disappeared.
  • Petra: an eroding archaeological treasure.
  • Embryonic stem cells link up as neurons, suggesting positive outcomes for use in brain diseases.
  • US doctor loses job after suggesting we are paranoid about the dangers of the sun, and need to spend some time outdoors to improve our Vitamin D levels. Beware the orthodoxy Dr Holick!
  • New research techniques could end animal testing.
  • Diabetes linked to bowel cancer.

Quote of the Day:

I remember hearing once of a little dying child shrinking timidly from the idea of going alone; but just before the end there came a spirit of sublime confidence, a supernatural opening of vision, a recognition of some companionship, and the little one cried out: ‘I am not afraid; they are all here.’ … I believe the chamber of the dying is filled with the holy angels.

Basil Wilberforce

  1. Crop Circles

    Someone made the intriging suggestion to me the other day that many crop circles do not need to be faked in the field at all but most of the good ones problem only exist as photoshop productions. I must admit that its a very intersting thought and probably explains a number of circles such as the Mandlebrot which appeared a few years ago.

    I certainly this that this is seems to be a likely explaination for a lot of crop patterns. Does anyone have any thoughts on this.

    Cheers Paolo

  2. Skin cancer…
    But what’s in all that sun screen people are slathering all over themselves? The skin is a pretty efficient medium for delivering all sorts of toxins.

  3. Pharoh Zahiamunre
    Thank god(Zahi)that the “GREAT ONE” is taking the bull by the horns and starting the cataloging of ancient treasures to prevent the thefts of artifacts from Egypt.

    No one is more suitable for this task than the great “Pharoh Z”. His track record speaks for itself. Just ask Rudolf Gantenbrink!!

    Word from inside sources is that when they are catalogued and stored, then a large brick wall will be built around them so that no one other than Zahi can look at them. Of course, the great one will be avialable for TV and film interviews on the subject, especially if the docos are being made by Nat Geographic.

    Any docos attempted by the Discovery channel or other networks will be stopped and the relevant people banned from Zahi’s homeland forever.


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