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C2C Schedule 18/06 – 20/06

For those that tune in to the “Coast to Coast AM” show, here’s the schedule for the second half of the week. Looks like some good stuff for the weekend, with Kevin Mitnick and Dean Radin both sure to have some interesting things to say:

  • Friday, June 18: First Hour: Computer security expert Kevin Mitnick will present an update. Afterwards, open lines.
  • Saturday, June 19: Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath
    , from the Ghost Investigators Society, return with a new selection of actual recorded voices of ghosts, known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).
  • Sunday, June 20: Celebrated scientist and author,
    Dr. Dean Radin ( will share irrefutable evidence for the reality of psychic phenomena. Related Site:

Friday’s show is hosted by George Noory, the weekend sees Art Bell taking over microphone duties. Shows are broadcast live from 10pm – 2am (Pacific Time).

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