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News Briefs 13-05-2004

Perhaps I should have this computer surgically attached to my body…seems like the logical thing to do.

  • Mexican UFO case gains worldwide attention (video and pics). Discovery Channel ‘expert’ (read ‘cynic’) says ‘nothing to see here, move on people’.
  • Rumours of aliens are greatly over-rated. Ah, the faux intelligentsia…always ready to correct our bizarre thinking.
  • That antiquated piece of junk, the Hubble Space Telescope, provides historic first image of a planet orbiting another sun. Also – HST sees ladder of light around dying star. Good to get these pictures from the old girl, as she looks about to croak it.
  • Chinese textbooks are going through plenty of revision: Great Wall is indeed visible from space ( image of the day). More meat in this story.
  • A more detailed report on the new Shugborough Hall investigation, which considers some of the topics we’re discussing over at the Inside the DaVinci Code forum.
  • Medical study finds that magnetic therapy helps those with spinal cord injuries.
  • Empathy is a basic emotional response, and even your pets probably have it.
  • Archaeologists claim to have found the original Library of Alexandria.
  • Brood X: a swarm of billions, if not trillions, about to invade Washington. Not the latest Sci-fi film, but periodic cicadas about to emerge from the ground after their (prime number wait) of 17 years.
  • Australian cricket males can copulate 50 to 58 times within three to four hours with the same female, setting the world record for any creature within the animal and insect kingdom. That’s not Shane Warne by the way, we’re talking insects here.
  • Poisonous frogs generate their poison by eating certain ants.
  • Scientists say climate disaster movie is ‘flawed but useful‘. It’s a strange trend, this judging of movies as scientific or truthful. They’re movies people, pay your money, have some fun, go home with a smile on your face.
  • Guatemalan murals show sophistication of ancient Maya. Also: archaeologists find first evidence of human remains at Maya site.
  • Archaeologists begin work on restoring prehistoric pagan stone circle. Make sure those modern druids wear a hard hat and covered footwear while on site!
  • Too much testosterone blights social skills. So push off, ya pack of morons.
  • Researchers get serious: don’t drink one big cup of coffee, go with frequent low doses. My god, they make it sound like caffeine’s a drug!
  • An interview with a Vatican astronomer. Does that mean he calculates God’s ephemerids?
  • Review by Rick Kleffel of The Agony Column of Randall Sullivan’s THE MIRACLE DETECTIVE: An Investigation of Holy Visions (available from Amazon US and UK). Looks good.
  • Quantum entanglement technique may increase CD capacity. It’s always about solving the big problems isn’t it.
  • China plans to send two astronauts into space in 2005.
  • Is ‘junk DNA‘ the critical code for life?
  • Homegrown rocketeers prepare for next space shot.
  • Strong evidence of link between passive smoke and miscarriage.
  • The campaign of fear and lies about Ecstasy.

Quote of the Day:

“Pray more,” the apparitions keep saying. Is there a race of beings who suck up the psychic energy of such prayers? Perhaps our major value in “their” eyes is our very stupidity. Everybody likes a nice clean fat pig. But a pig who asks questions about the square of the hypotenuse is an embarrassment to his own species, and an annoyance to his masters.

Jacques Vallee

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