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There’s no place like home…

  • Venus: the planet which is the cause of all those kooky UFO stories. Personally, Venus has never given me an anal probe, but I can only speak for myself.
  • Hubble captures a big bug. Damn critter’s Nebula-sized.
  • At the other end of the scale, ‘real’ bugs on Venus might hide from the Sun’s radiation by using an umbrella made of of a molecular rings of sulphur. That’s a smelly umbrella…
  • Astrobiology Magazine talks to Colin Pillinger, head of the ill-fated Beagle 2 mission.
  • Nothing like a Noah’s Ark story to get the media excited.
  • Swedish government watchdog queries regional council as to why they put a lake monster on Sweden’s endangered species list.
  • Educate yourself about the oddities of the full Moon.
  • NASA releases status report on shuttle return – within the year, they say.
  • Brain-watching helps suppress pain. Cool little story about biofeedback.
  • Spinach pigment proposed as radical cure for some forms of blindness. Gives a whole new meaning to Popeye doesn’t it.
  • NASA uses the public to monitor contrails…for climate reasons of course.
  • The Iranian UFOs – here’s the evidence (pics and video). Let’s hope it doesn’t go to court on that.
  • US customs returns $1million worth of smuggled artifacts to Peru.
  • UK government’s chief scientist says Antarctica is likely to be the world’s only habitable continent by the end of this century if global warming remains unchecked. Might get awful cramped down there, with the penguins and all…
  • Israeli scientists create a computer made of DNA that identified lung- and prostate-cancer cells and combatted them with a molecule based on an anti-cancer drug. Wonder what DARPA is doing with this sort of technology…
  • ISS astronauts safely back on Earth, although with a bit extra weight on their shoulders.
  • The sky at night. As seen from China some 1,300 years ago.
  • Push for anti-nerve agent drug. Methinks that might be a good idea.
  • Toutatis, the strange looking city-sized asteroid – planet killer, or just a cosmic peanut?
  • Indie band release their album exclusively as ring-tones. It’s an audiophiles nightmare.

Quote of the Day:

When the Paris Exhibition closes, electric light will close with it and no more be heard of.

Professor Erasmus Wilson (1878)