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As mentioned in my initial post here on Daily Grail version II, TDG is now just one piece of a larger concept which we call DUAT. Let me introduce you to another facet of what we are doing: Inside the DaVinci Code. This website contains information regarding Simon Cox’s new book CRACKING THE DAVINCI CODE (Amazon UK or Barnes & Noble), as well as a DVD that we are producing called INSIDE THE DAVINCI CODE.

The DVD, which is now available for pre-order for delivery from May 28th, will give a unique insight into some of the stunning backdrops used by Dan Brown in THE DAVINCI CODE – St Sulpice, the Louvre, Rosslyn Chapel, as well as the enigmatic village of Rennes le Chateau. Also included will be interviews with researchers and experts concerning some of the ‘facts’ in Brown’s novel.

The website also features a forum to discuss the topics – from Rennes and the Priory of Sion, to the gnostic gospels and the divinity (or not, as the case may be!) of Jesus. Please do register and join in the chat – all we ask is that you treat all other members with respect.