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A New Beginning

Hello all and welcome back to TDG – The Daily Grail. Or perhaps that should be welcome to DUAT! What’s going on you might ask? I would answer a heck of a lot, so if you’d like to read on I’ll try and fill you all in on what is happening in the TDG world. What follows should be a good introduction to the new setup here at TDG, so please do fill your coffee cup and read on

    1. Thanks for the return trip.
      I missed the old site. Thanks for bringing it back. Nice start too!
      Update as often as you like. Just don’t get burned out.

  1. How lovely that TDG is back!
    Leefje, et hätt noch imme jot jejange.

    I really missed the TDG very much,the first thing in the morning was checking with the Grail, to see what is up. So now I am very happy that you are back.
    GREAT !!!

  2. I’m just glad you guys are st
    I’m just glad you guys are still here, doing this!

    I’ve been a long-time reader, and I’m sticking with you guys no matter what you do.

    Spiral Out. Keep Going.

  3. Back home
    This is like having been away from your friends a long time, and then returning back home. It feels so darn good. Pnenomnomenia was OK, but it was to much other stuff not so interesting. I visited Pnemno just for reading TDG news. I am looking foreward to read comments from my old friends her at TGD. Greg, I love you for this.

  4. Could you change the Orange?
    Hi Guys,

    Glad you are back and on task. As an old graphic designer and former Hearst Intranet freak, I just wondered if you could change the Orange color to a brighter yellow orange. Or, can I do that?


  5. I can’t but help wondering wh
    I can’t but help wondering what I missed over at the other site. From reading what’s left of the msg board, it sounds like something went down. Was bumming for a bit when the news briefs weren’t listed. On a long shot I hit dailygrail for kicks and VOILA! Great to have the site back, especially the black, as it feels like the good old site. Glad yo see it back.

  6. TDG Reloaded
    Thanks Greg and TDG crew! It was a long hiatus for me as I went through a couple of computer upgrades after the original site reorganized until I was finally able to access again.TDG has always led the field in well balanced anomaly news and now I won’t have to surf 4 or 5 other sites to cull what you place in one spot.In the grotesque atomosphere of the present political and social grande guignol it’s refreshing to get back to some plain old benign weirdness.Thanks a million! (see Mr.Randi about your check;I’m sure it’s in the mail;-)

  7. Bill Reeves’ Passing
    For those of you who know Ancient Wisdom List, it is with deep regret that I relay the passing of it’s administrator, Bill Reeves, in a motorcycle accident, April 27. I have contact information for his family for anyone who would like to pass on their condolences. You may contact me at:

    Many of us got our esoteric start on Bill’s list. He will be sorely missed.

    1. Sad News
      Hi Regina,

      Thanks for letting me know this, a sad day. Could you please pass on my condolences to Bill’s family, and let them know of the profound influence he had on the community, which lives on. Bill’s AWML was the start for so many of us, back around 1997 I think.

      Thanks Bill.

      Peace and Respect

      You monkeys only think you’re running things

  8. Welcome Back!
    I followed you folks over to Phenomena, but never felt comfortable. The Daily Grail was (and is again!) a unique place on it’s own. It never seemed right on someone else’s website. My first stop on the web once again has that “You’re where you belong” feeling.
    Welcome Back!

  9. Glad you ‘re back!
    Dear Greg, Jameske, Bill, Rich, David,

    What a great surprise! Seeing TDG again is like seeing an old friend. This is my favorite site on the net. I sort of lost track of things during the Phenomena days, but now that you’re back I’ll be here daily. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and please remember that you are doing a great deal of good for so many people.

    Best of luck in all future endeavors!
    Rich Cassaro

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