Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how Wikipedia entries on fringe topics seem to be watched over by skeptics and pseudo-skeptics and it was rather pointless trying to keep the articles balanced. This is probably one of the reasons why: Guerilla Skepticism on Wikipedia.

Or, as some might call it, astroturfing.


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1 May 2004
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I had never heard of this before and having read up on the subject, feel that I can never trust what I read or hear again!

I guess it has always gone on in the past to a certain degree but with modern communications it has the ability to take on a lifeforce of its own.

It used to be said that the camera never lies but with photoshop that is no longer the case, sad that similar can now be said of internet campaigns and information.


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28 November 2010
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One has to ask that with Defkalion giving a press conference today on the production of Rossi's E-cat and at the same time the U.K. announcing the five sites for new nuclear power stations, who is it that has the power to hold a free press in such tight control, that not a single western main line newspaper or television organization,(except one Italian company) public or commercial, has made a single report on the E-Cats progress.

In a free world, allowing for not raising hopes prematurely, this is beyond belief without an enforced conspiracy of silence.