News Briefs 10-05-2011

So, was it worth $750million?

  • Cancer can't stand the heat.
  • Shale gas drilling contaminates drinking water.
  • An ocean of water may lie beneath Titan's lakes of methane.
  • Biology is undergoing a renaissance as scientists apply mathematical ideas to old theory.
  • What will happen to us? Forecasters tackle the extremely deep future
  • We cannot live without deceit. Is this true, and does it matter?
  • Was there an ancient lost civilization in Cuba?
  • Crocodile god temple featured crocodile nursery.
  • Reptile cousins shed new light on end-Permian extinction.
  • Can humanity change Earth's environment? Or, are we too small?
  • Experimenting with people and space.
  • A fight between Chomsky and Hitchens on Osama.
  • Europe to spend £225million on army of spin doctors to promote itself.
  • All the frogs croak before a storm.
  • A rare planetary alignment visible from Earth.

Quote of the Day:

The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.

Friedrich Nietszche


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I am truly glad the Daily Grail generally avoids getting mired in the right left politics - where dialogue usually is superficial, denigrating and rife with slogans and cliches. Regarding the Chomsky & Hitchens fight over Osama -- though I tend to the conservative (not Republican) I find myself generally in agreement with Chomsky's take this was an assasination as the "facts" have been conveyed by the media and therefore violates if not the law, then the presumed moral ground of America. Hitchens then denigrates the questions raised by conspiracists concerning the "facts" of 911 all while insulting Chomsky...

The larger point being missed by their debate in my opinion is how and why so many Americans and people around the world distrust the American government these days and why the ones that do trust the government's version of events on both 911 and Osama's death do so? As I age and witness more it becomes more likley to me only one of two versions of reality exist: either most everything the government tells us regarding wars, the economy, oil disastors, etc... is generally true as conveyed by them and therefore they are all mostly incompetent considering the evolution of events over the last two decades, OR most everything they tell is fabricated, manipulated, and designed to conceal the truth to varying degrees meaning both the events of 911 and Osama's death are right to be questioned as officially explained.

In truth there is little difference between the two parties these days, with Obama continuing virtually all of Bush's policies and expanding government's intrusion into and control over American's lives. The fact there is such vitriol between proponents of the right and left only reveals the shallowness of most people's thinking. The truth is noone responsible for the economic collapse has gone to jail, they've actually been rewarded with billions more in stimulus/tax money under both parties with the ever expanding war on terror further enriching the these and similar corporations and elites through the war machine while simulataneously undermining individual freedoms and expanding the potential police state - all prophetically similar to events in George Orewell's novel 1984. So again - both realities can't be correct - truth and incomepetence or lies and efficiency, and that dichotomy is at the root of people's growing mistrust of the government in either case.

Greg H.