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So, was it worth $750million?

  • Cancer can’t stand the heat.
  • Shale gas drilling contaminates drinking water.
  • An ocean of water may lie beneath Titan’s lakes of methane.
  • Biology is undergoing a renaissance as scientists apply mathematical ideas to old theory.
  • What will happen to us? Forecasters tackle the extremely deep future
  • We cannot live without deceit. Is this true, and does it matter?
  • Was there an ancient lost civilization in Cuba?
  • Crocodile god temple featured crocodile nursery.
  • Reptile cousins shed new light on end-Permian extinction.
  • Can humanity change Earth’s environment? Or, are we too small?
  • Experimenting with people and space.
  • A fight between Chomsky and Hitchens on Osama.
  • Europe to spend £225million on army of spin doctors to promote itself.
  • All the frogs croak before a storm.
  • A rare planetary alignment visible from Earth.

Quote of the Day:

The visionary lies to himself, the liar only to others.

Friedrich Nietszche