News Briefs 01-06-2004

I need a chiropractor...anybody good with their hands?

  • Paranormal investigators earn their keep at Royal Navy hangman's cell.
  • Conman's role in IVF prayer-power miracle exposed.
  • Supernatural tourism a lucrative niche market for tour operators.
  • THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW - why the world's press are wrong and Whitley Strieber is right.
  • The Bear Lake Monster has returned from the depths.
  • Killer rash breaks out in New York City. I feel itchy already, and I'm half a world away.
  • The strange life of self-declared genius, panty-fetishist and esoteric author Colin Wilson. DREAMING TO SOME PURPOSE: The Autobiography of Colin Wilson is available from Amazon US and UK.
  • MacBeth's castle unearthed in Inverness? Not good enough, I want to see an archaeologist saying "This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air nimbly and sweetly recommends itself, unto our gentle senses."
  • Mel Gibson guaranteed to be panned for his proposed movie on Britain's warrior queen Boudicca, say experts. Just like that little film about Jesus I suppose, gosh what a disaster that was for his bank balance.
  • Mitochondrial mutations blamed for aging. And here I was thinking it was time.
  • Astronomers discover youngest planet, only just turned one (million).
  • Get yer weeping Mary, hurry before they sell out.
  • Global winter followed dino impact. Jump on the bandwagon...
  • Campaigners gather in fight to save Silbury Hill.
  • Archaeologists discover World War II plane that crashed near Buckingham Palace.
  • The Genesis Mission sounds kooky - collect the solar wind, fall to Earth and be caught in mid-air during descent by a helicopter. Sounds like good television, bidders please.

Quote of the Day:

The mind has exactly the same power as the hands: not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.

Colin Wilson


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... it was fenced off in order to protect it from
the erosion caused by thousands climbing it.

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>>I need a chiropractor...anybody good with their hands?<<

I'm good with my hands and can build you a chiropractor.

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I need a chiropractor...anybody good with their hands?

I'm good with my hands and can build you a chiropractor.