Radio 01-11-2004

Once again, what's happening on alternative radio this week:

Jeff Rense Show: Monday night Dave Lindorff, Sherman Skolnick and John Hogue talk elections and Osama, Tuesday Jim Condit Jr and Tom Flocco talk more on the election and vote scams, Wednesday has David Icke direct from England and Webster G. Tarpley with more election analysis, Thursday Ed McCabe on oxygen therapy and Philip Hoag chats as well, Friday regulars Dave Oester and Sharon Gill on EVP Ghost Voices and Brian Vike with an abductee progress report, Saturday is best of Rense.

Coast to Coast AM: Monday night is open lines with George Noory, Tuesday is live election coverage, Wednesday Alex Jones sets straight to work talking about election conspiracy, and Thursday Dr Ronald Klatz discusses anti-aging technology.

More details including relevant guest links are available at the respective websites. Remember that C2C can be listened to through KOGO.