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TV and Movies

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BlackBxx Update

A quick update on BlackBxx: Haunted, the new media project from Daniel Knauf, the creator of the esoteric television masterpiece Carnivàle. I spoke to Knauf las...
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Bacterial Marketing

We've all heard of viral marketing, but Warner Bros. have gone one step further in the marketing of their new movie Contagion: Bacterial Marketing. Yes, ...
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Pixar’s Zoetrope

I bow at the altar of Pixar, and love the techniques of animation, so really enjoyed this...thought Grailers would enjoy it too: When I watch this, I sta...
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Are we living in a simulation? With continued leaps in computer graphics technology, it seems more and more a real possibility. And as Exhibit A, I offer you Lo...
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Timelapse Extras

A few weeks ago I posted 10 Amazing Timelapse Videos (actually, 11), and it's been a very popular feature here on TDG. So thought I'd point out that two of the ...
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Every Episode of Dr Who

If I was to name any one TV show as being of most importance to me a child, it would be Dr Who (along with perhaps The Goodies). So I had all sorts of flashback...