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Sacred Sites

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Rosslyn and the Grail

A new book worth checking out is Rosslyn and the Grail, by Mark Oxbrow and Ian Robertson (Amazon US and UK). Oxbrow and Robertson are renowned for their knowled...
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Schoch in Peru

Looking for a travel adventure next year? Why not join Robert Schoch on a journey to Peru from March 4th to 12th, 2006. The itinerary includes Cuzco, the Sacred...
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Swirled Mega-Update

The excellent crop circle website Swirled News has had one of its periodic mega-updates with much news to tell: Andy Thomas reviews the 2005 crop circle season,...
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Burning Man Over

The Burning Man Festival is over for another year (without me, *sob*), if you're looking for information about how this year went try this portal page at SFGate...
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Burning Man 2005

The Burning Man Festival is sneaking up on us again (August 29 - September 5). If you're within driving distance of Nevada, then you have no excuse for not grab...
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Going in Circles

With the Crop Circle season coming round again (pun intended), the ever-reliable Swirled News has come out of hibernation and is seeing some regular updates. If...
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Crop Circles 2005

The crop circle season is underway again in the UK, with a few glyphs turning up late in April and continuing into May. Check out the Crop Circle Connector's 20...
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Swirled Eruption

The excellent crop circle news site Swirled News has had one of its irregular eruptions of new material. New articles on site include a criticism of National Ge...
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Rosslyn Restricted

UK newspapers are reporting that the increased amount of visitors to Rosslyn Chapel - courtesy of publicity from The Da Vinci Code - has led to restrictions bei...