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John Reppion

The Last Wolf in England

The official wolf hunting season in Britain once ran between late December and late March, but by all accounts the beasts were more-often-than-not killed whenever the opportunity arose. Indeed, wolves seem to have been hunted in the British Isles for as long as they and humans co-existed, but exactly when that period came to an end is a matter of some debate. ...

John Reppion

Contributing Editor

John Reppion is an English writer based in Liverpool. A lifelong fascination with folklore, forteana, weird and forgotten history runs through all of his work, from comics (co-authored with his wife, Leah Moore), to Weird Fiction, to his essays and articles. His website is moorereppion.com and he can be found on Twitter @johnreppion. John is the editor of SPIRITS OF PLACE, an anthology published by Daily Grail Publishing featuring Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Iain Sinclair and others.