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News Briefs 04-11-2020

Just another completely normal day in 2020... A QAnon supporter has been elected to Congress for the first time. Experts fear lab-grown brains will become ...
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News Briefs 03-11-2020

Me on election night... Ice Age mining camp rich in treasures 'frozen in time' found in underwater cave. As the Earth’s ice melts, large numbers of perfect...
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News Briefs 28-10-2020

Avenue to hell... Are the brain's electromagnetic fields the seat for consciousness? Killer high: exploring the phenomenon of LSD-fuelled murder. Pagan c...
Buddhist contemplative meditating

The Contemplative Brain

I'm pleased to announce a new book from Daily Grail Publishing: The Contemplative Brain: Meditation, Phenomenology and Self-Discovery from a Neuroanthropologic...
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News Briefs 21-10-2020

Tool FTW! NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft just played tag with an asteroid. A handful of asteroid could help decipher our entire existence. This guy says he...



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