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Disclosure Deflated: Biden Addresses Recent UFO Shoot Downs

ZOMG this is *it*.

The moment UFOTwitter has been eagerly awaiting for five. Long. Years!

Finally, a sitting President of the United States of America is talking about UFOs —or UAP, whatever acronym gets you off— on an official address. Disclosure is at hand, people!!

Oh wait…

In a public appearance that lasted less than ten minutes, President Biden threw a bucket of cold shower to the aspirations of anyone who thought having an official group looking into UFO incursions in US airspace, would translate into official acknowledgment of an alien presence in our planet.

The basic bullet points of the address in which no questions from the press were taken were:

  • After taking out the first high altitude balloon —which is still regarded as a surveillance device deployed by China— NORAD enhanced their scanning capabilities, which allowed them to detect three more slow-moving unknown objects —one in Alaska, another one in Canada, and a third one over Lake Huron in the Midwest of the United States.
  • Despite the potential security breach which prompted the order to take them down, these objects are not considered at this point to be spying devices related to China or any other country.
  • They were, however, conventional balloons which are presumed to be either commercial in nature or proprietary in origin.
  • The detection of these objects does not mean an increased proliferation of UFOs in American airspace —it just means the government is (allegedly) paying more attention to the stuff that’s out there.
  • However, these objects still remain an obvious hazard to commercial and military air safety, which is why in the future we can expect more policies intended to regulate balloons and drones more strictly.
  • The United States does not apologize for their actions and will continue to take down objects that invade their controlled airspace.
  • Furthermore, although Biden’s administration does not claim to seek any open conflict with China, the United States government is now determined to prevent advanced American technology —such as the type that would be used in the development of surveillance balloons— to fall in Chinese hands; thus continuing their policy to restrict unauthorized exchange of information and the banning of Chinese products in the American market (look out, they’re coming for your TikTok too).

And… That’s. It.

No doubt the usual peddlers and snake oil salesmen, who arose to prominence after the NYT’s article of 2017 changed the landscape, will continue to spin the recent news by claiming this is what they were seeking all along, and that it was never about seeking the government to admit they were aliens out there (at least not at this point). “This is 5-D chess strategy, you doubting fools! Mission accomplished!”

And to all the people who will go to bed tonight sobbing in a fetal position while holding a printed copy of the Wilson Memo in one arm, and a copy of Skinwalkers in the Pentagon in the other, all I can say is —we freaking TOLD YOU SO.

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