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News Briefs 07-04-2022

Hollywood certainly didn’t prepare us for our current doomsday scenario, in which we still need to worry about taxes and credit card debt.

  • That time when Soviet rocket scientists nearly nuked New York City.
  • Robotic nurse can dress a mannequin in a hospital gown. Welcome to the Meta-singularity.
  • The creator of the CRISPR babies has been released from a Chinese prison. The whereabouts of the babies is unknown.
  • The Man Who Disappeared: a short film about the mysterious Dr. Jacobo Grinberg, and his even most mysterious vanishing without a trace.
  • We almost forgot about the Moon trees.
  • The mushroom speaks? Professor theorises that electrical impulses sent by mycological organisms could be similar to human language.
  • Octoculture: a case against octopus farming.
  • You must be joking: funny paper titles might lead to more citations.
  • The new Uri Geller museum in Tel Aviv just opened its doors to the public. If there is a Hell, and James Randi is in it, then the Devil has just found a new way to torture him for all eternity.
  • Spooky Britain: how ghosts became a national obsession.
  • (Video) Jeffrey Mishlove interviews Jeffrey Kripal about the significance of spiritual epiphanies.
  • The Our Strange Skies podcast says goodbye to the year of the humanoids (1973) with a revisit to the most famous close encounter of that era —the Pascagoula abduction.
  • The Black Vault: new documents reveal details on UAP/UFO briefing possibly by the WSO who encountered the “Gimbal.”
  • The Black Vault has also compiled the most complete list of all the FOIA-released material related to AAWSAP up to date. Check it out.
  • What is it like to meet aliens? The 1995 short documentary Abductees tried to answer that question.
  • Red Pill of the Day: Someone is trying to milk the Hollywood cash cow over their ‘rights’ over the word UFO. 

Thanks to Greg and Steven Davidowitz

Quote of the Day:

The world is, in many respects, a circus with rival gangs of hypnotists trying to hypnotize one another.

Robert Anton Wilson

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