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The Matrix Resurrections: Official Trailer


I think it might not be surprising to learn I am *very* excited with the prospect of a new Matrix sequel. There is a reason why I have stubbornly decided to keep using my old nickname, despite the fact that mysoginist right-wing nutjobs have tried to co-opt and appropriate the concept of the ‘red pill’ for their own twisted goals; to the point I fear people who don’t know me judge me the wrong way once they read ‘Red Pill Junkie’ on their cellphone screens. I have explained many times on different podcast interviews how influential the first movie was in my life, due to the fact that by then I was already steeped in the work of Carlos Castañeda, and the correlations between his books and the Wachowski’s cyberpunk masterpiece were inescapable to me.

Okay, fine — the two sequels kind of sucked ass, and I’m sure Lana and Lilly were forced by Warner Brothers to milk the juice of their techno-dystopic franchise for all the box office millions they could muster. But this new sequel seems carefully calculated in every detail, down to the release date (12-22-21) being a palindrome or ‘reflected’ number –no doubt a reference to Alice’s Through the Looking Glass.

There’s also the small detail of Trinity’s bracelet, which might be a slight reference to Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis. Dick is after all the godfather of Cyberpunk and what I like to call ‘Gnostic’ cinema (e.g. Truman Show and Dark City) and in the Exegesis there’s the episode of Dick finding himself ‘triggered’ by the Christian-motif necklace of a young woman who comes by his home while he’s under the effect of pain-relief medication coupled with a terrible tooth ache, and the necklace implants in his feverish mind the idea that “the Empire never ended;” which in the case of Neo –who now appears to be a well-to-do Silicon Valley suburbanite instead of a struggling low-level programmer living in the city slums– would mean the ‘Matrix’ never ceased to run.

Scene from the new Matrix trailer
Robert Crumb’s comic book version of Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis

The original Matrix introduced pop culture to the idea that we all might be living inside a giant computer simulation –something which even a few scientists have seriously considered.

What other mind-bending concepts will Lana Wachowski inject into our global consciousness with Matrix Resurrections? Will she be able to reclaim once and for all the symbol of the red pill from the hands of neo-fascist conspiracy theorists? I’m no Oracle so I guess we will all have to wait and find out.

  1. I am always puzzled by people knocking Matrix 2 and 3. The first part was the “prequel”. The next “two” movies was really one film split for the theaters.

    Without that prequel(1), the actual Matrix film(2 & 3) would have been impossible to understand.

    It not only took time to develop the technology to film the Matrix(2 & 3), it also took the prequel(1) to prepare society to even understand the “language” of the actual movie. So many commercials, music videos, and other stories adopted part of the “language” for their own purpose.

    Watch the first film again, then watch the actual Matrix(2 & 3). If you still have a problem with 2 & 3, then you have some unexamined concept that is holding you back. Find that concept, and transcend that limitation.

    I’ve already seen a number of videos on YouTube breaking down the trailer, and it is clear that they have no clue what the Matrix is, much less what the trailer is showing. As more trailers come out, that confusion will grow.

    BTW: You can measure society pre Matrix and post Matrix. Those people who have never watched the Matrix are still trapped in the 20th Century, literally.

    In 1999 I went to the first matinee — it was a Wednesday — and watched the first film. I walked out of that showing seeing the shocked stumbling people who left with me. I then went to the Friday matinee and the Sunday matinee. Each time shattered people left the theatre, many were simply confused, some were angry.

    At that time I saw:

    Imagine if you will, taking a 96inch Plasma screen and blue-ray player back in time to 1949, fifty years before the Matrix. Go to a college, set up the screen in a big classroom, and have 100 students sit and watch the first film.

    At the end of the viewing, half the people would say that they could only remember motion and color. The actual memory is a blur because the concepts were impossible for them to even see. The next 25 would be insane and incapable of telling what they saw. The next 15 would be dead or dying because they only came close to understanding. The last ten would walk out Unsane, utterly changed yet able to function in society. Those Unsane would understand how to exist with the knowledge that they had, and how to hide it from authorities.

    Hallucinogen – Demention

    There is an area of the mind that could be called unsane, beyond sanity, and yet not insane. Think of a circle with a fine split in it. At one end there’s insanity. You go around the circle to sanity, and on the other end of the circle, close to insanity, but not insanity, is unsanity.

    — Sidney Cohen

    This is the full quote:

    Sidney Cohen / Unsane

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