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Barack Obama

Obama Takes the UFO Question Seriously… for About Half a Second

Former President Obama being asked about ‘dem aliens’ by a late night TV show host, is as predictable as Stephen Colbert making fun of Republicans.

As readers of The Daily Grail know, Obama has been asked these sort of questions by the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and even Jaden Smith, when he and his family were getting a tour of the White House in 2012.

So this is the type of question that Barack knows how to dodge fairly well using his charisma and good sense of humor. At the same time, someone as smart as he is knows the times have changed, due to the revelation of AATIP and the numerous military encounters investigated by that Pentagon secret program –some of which happened during his administration, like the 2004 Nimitz encounters– so the 44th president of the United States knows that after the 60 Minutes segment dedicated to UFOS, his usual jokes about Area 51 just won’t cut it —time to change the repertoire, then.

This new response given to James Corden’s bandleader Reggie Watts is still somewhat surprising, though. Not because Obama admits that US military pilots have encountered things in the sky which defy conventional explanation –do you really need a former US President to tell you that?– but because he claims (whether in jest or not, that’s for you to decide) that he actually asked around about the rumors that crashed UFOs and alien specimens where held somewhere inside a secret military laboratory –and the answer to that question was NO.

What surprises me about this, is that for the longest time I thought Obama didn’t actually have much interest in the subject to begin with, given how he once used it as an effective weapon against Dennis Kucinich during an MSNBC Democratic debate in 2007, in which the moderator deliberately mocked the former representative from Ohio when he asked him about a sighting of a black triangle he had in the company of actress Shirley McClain.

Rival candidate Barack Obama, asked if he believes in life on other planets, responded, “You know, I don’t know. And I don’t presume to know. What I know is there is life here on Earth, and that we’re not attending to life here on Earth.”

“We’re not taking care of kids who are alive and unfortunately are not getting health care,” Obama continued. “We’re not taking care of senior citizens who are alive and are seeing their heating prices go up. So, as president, those are the people I will be attending to first.”

“There may be some other folks on their way,” he added.


The AAWSAP program was reportedly initiated at the behest of former Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) in 2008, and the program’s successor (AATIP) was officially terminated in 2012 –even though Luis Elizondo contends the program continued in some form or another, even after he offered his resignation in 2017. Was Obama officially briefed about the 2004 Nimitz incursions or AAWSAP/AATIP? Even though I would love for a serious journalist to ask him that question, the most likely response is that he wasn’t. Even Elizondo admits he was never able to brief then Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis about his UFO program, because he was never able to pass beyond the Pentagon’s gatekeepers who didn’t want to risk a potential embarrassment to the general.

Whatever Obama may or may not have learned about UFOs during his time at the White House, chances are that they did not come from people ‘in the know’. More than likely, he resorted to John Podesta, a long-time advocate of UFO openness who has tried for years to breach inside the wall of secrecy surrounding the UFO issue within the US government… with no success.

Podesta was also a campaign manager for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and it was because of this that Tom DeLonge chose to approach him via email, teasing him with ‘inside knowledge’ and asking him to meet with ‘two people in the know’, which were none other than… Luis Elizondo and Chris Mellon. All of this became uncovered, to the detriment of Clinton’s campaign, due to Russian hackers and Wikileaks.

Are the pieces of crashed UFOs or even pickled aliens hiding somewhere? People inside and outside the US government have tried to find out for decades, and so far they have come out empty-handed. Perhaps because they didn’t have the adequate ‘need-to-know’, and even president Clinton admitted he could have been lied to when he asked about Roswell during his term. And now comes Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris’s new book Trinity: The Best Kept Secret which began sending shockwaves through the UFOland even before the book was released, with its proposal of a UFO crash with occupants two years before Roswell, in 1945. Perhaps one of the most tantalizing ideas from this controversial investigation, is that UFO buffs have been knocking at the wrong doors all this time, and the real keepers of the secret are the US Department of Energy and not NASA, the CIA, the Navy, or even the Air Force; a suggestion that even Chris Mellon casually dropped on his last interview with Joe Rogan earlier this month.

Maybe someone should suggest Jimmy Kimmel to invite Secretary of the US Department of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm to his show…

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