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Clockwork Elves by Nick Cross

The Clockwork Elves by Nick Cross

Nick Cross is a Canadian animator who worked as art director for the TV series Over the Garden Wall and was also involved in the 2015 SpongeBob movie. But aside from his involvement in big productions, Nick has developed his own independent projects, in which he explores many of the topics we regularly discuss here at The Grail.

His latest short, The Clockwork Elves, is a DMT-laced hyperspatial explosion of contrasting, and sometimes down-right frightening imagery, which forces the viewer to arrive to their own personal interpretation. For me, going through it felt like a rude abduction into an alien realm which felt disturbingly familiar, and left me wondering if this deranged experiment we call ‘Civilization’ is just the result of one long ‘bad trip’.

If you liked this –and if you’re a regular visitor of this site, you probably did— then you should check out other examples of Nick’s work, like his 2006 short The Waif of Persephone:

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