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News Briefs 11-12-2020

“Don’t be mean. We don’t have to be mean. Because remember…”

  • Nasa aims to send first woman to the moon.
  • Opening the door to Planet X / Planet 9.
  • Mass extinctions follow a 27 million-year cycle. You are *here*.
  • Aquatic dreams?
  • Tiny ocean fossils offer clues to Ice Ages.
  • The weight of mankind’s stuff.
  • Egypt cast its spell over Newton.
  • Rock-sample from space arrives after 6 year return trip.
  • When the earth swallowed continents whole.
  • Honeybees use tools. It begins.
  • Evolutionary origins of Pterosaurs, unraveled.
  • Rainforest village ‘laid out like the Cosmos’.
  • Exploding rockets.
  • Year of the quantum computer?
  • Oceanographers spot new whale.
  • Under a Venus-lit morning sky.
  • Government leaked UFO photo?
  • Overdue Congressional Medal awarded to Rosie and all the Riveters.

Quote of the Day:

“…There you are.”
Dr. Buckaroo Banzai

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