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The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim Book One: Graphic Novel By Mark Ryan and Mike Grell (Kickstarter)

This is definitely up the alley of Daily Grail readers: actor/author Mark Ryan (Transformers, Black Sails) and comic book artist Mike Grell (Green Arrow, Green Lantern) have teamed up to resurrect their never-completed project The Pilgrim: a graphic novel in which real historical events, top secret government psy-ops and the world of the Occult are alchemically combined to create a story so fantastic, it might actually come closer to reality than what we get to read in history books.

From Mark Ryan:


Imagine an entity created of pure mental energy.

It can materialize anywhere and perform functions of espionage or assassination, leaving no trace.

It knows no boundaries or limits.

It feels neither guilt nor pain. It has no memory, no mercy and no fingerprints.

It’s the perfect clandestine operator, deniable, discreet and without a mind of its own.

Until one day it remembers…

A decade ago I wrote a semi-fictional story about secretly buried WW2 occult warfare efforts, renegade Iranian oligarchs hell-bent on revenge, highly classified reality-warping science, the return of hate-filled Nazi entities, cunning sociopathic Syrian warlords, clandestine remote political triggering and influencing techniques, deadly weaponized viruses sowing the seeds of fear and panic, a sinister psychological intelligence apparatus manipulatively reaching into an individual’s psyche, bloody and war-torn Afghan landscapes, emotionally tormented military personnel suffering from PTSD running from their own nightmares and an ancient and vengeful threat to all we held as secure, stable and inviolable.

Who knew one day it would come to pass…

A Tulpa secret agent??

shut up and take my money

The Kickstarter campaign finishes this Monday, and there’s a lot of wonderful rewards, including a Mike Grell sketchbook . So hurry up and make your pledge! Remember that, if there’s anything this current situation has taught us, is that we cannot endure without the Arts.

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