News Briefs 12-12-19

Kuix amo nikan nika nimonantsin?

Quote of the Day:

Listen and let it penetrate your heart…do not be troubled or weighed down with grief. Do not fear any illness or vexation, anxiety or pain.  Am I not here who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection? Am I not your fountain of life? Are you not in the folds of my mantle? In the crossing of my arms? Is there anything else you need?

The words of the Lady of Guadalupe to Juan Diego.

  1. World’s oldest temple. Temple? Really?

    This is just opinion filtered through a contemporary lens. We really don’t know what these structures were actually used for.

    If charcoal and cook pot shards aren’t discovered there, archaeologists automatically label these very ancient sites as temples or temple complex. Yeah, sure. Whatever.

    Unless they can provide us with evidence conclusively proving it was a temple, archaeologists are just blowing smoke up our wazoos.

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