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News Briefs 06-12-2019

“The Science of language has taught us that there is order and wisdom in all languages…”

Quote of the Day:

“…And even the most degraded jargons contain the ruins of former greatness and beauty.”

Max Müller

  1. OK. Here’s a minority and iconoclastIc view of Mr. Rogers.

    Disclaimer: I didn’t watch him as a child because he began broadcasting nationally when I was entering puberty. I was aging out of his target audience when his show finally aired where I lived.

    But the generations of US kids who were right behind me in age watched him in their still formative years. He should have had some lasting impact, right?

    When I look at what so many Americans believe and how they behave today (many of them in the Mr. Rogers generations), I’m appalled at the levels of selfishness, greed, rudeness, lack of tolerance or compassion for others who are different, bigotry, and barely suppressed rage I see. The very worst aspects of human nature are not only tolerated, but seem to be valued and even encouraged.

    So I have to ask, if Fred Rogers was so effective in teaching generations of US children to be kind, tolerant, compassionate, and loving, why didn’t America turn away from divisiveness, hate, and intolerance as those Mr. Rogers generations came of age?

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