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News Briefs 21-11-2019

November’s almost over –Fuuu…

The year’s almost over –Fuuuuuuuuu…

The decade’s almost over —FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…

Thanks to Greg and Rick

Quote of the Day:

When radium was discovered, no one knew that it would prove useful in hospitals. The work was one of pure science. And this is a proof that scientific work must not be considered from the point of view of the direct usefulness of it.

Marie Curie

  1. If we want to save our planet, we need to reduce the human population by reducing global birth rates. We’re outstripping the planet’s ability to support us.

    But to suggest that is to get you labeled a racist, so one possible longer-term solution is automatically off the table.

    Sigh. Honestly, I have no hope that the human race will do the hard work necessary to slow or remediate climate change. Instead we want to punt it to technology so we don’t have to make any personally difficult or even merely inconvenient choices. The irony being that the byproducts of two centuries of technology advances have led us to this sorry state.

    Yes, I am a pessimist when it comes to climate change. I suspect that inevitably Mother Earth will defend herself by taking it in her own hands to drastically reduce our numbers while we’re daydreaming about pie-in-the-sky solutions.

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