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News Briefs 06-09-2019

“Not the wind, not the flag; “

Quote of the Day:

…Mind is moving.

Wumen Huikai

  1. Re. “worms inch back the origin of animal life”:

    It is very premature of this article to claim that the new fossil represents a possible breakthrough organism showing how the “Cambrian Explosion” was really the result of Darwinian gradualism. It’s the usual hopeful promissory note tactic.

    The vast majority of the Cambrian phyla still have no apparent ancestors in the Precambrian rocks – only at most four body plans are represented in these strata, and some of these are very controversial in their affinities to the Cambrian organisms. That is, at least nineteen of the twenty phyla and many more subphyla and classes exhibiting distinctive body-plans present in the Cambrian still have no representatives in Precambrian strata. The new find doesn’t change that problem for gradualistic Darwinian theory – there is nothing new here that can change the basic situation. There were already a number of trace fossil burrows found in the Precambrian showing some sort of worm-like organisms. The new find represents one body plan, which may or may not be one of the Cambrian ones.

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