News Briefs 05-09-2019

This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. This is merely the end of me giving a f$#k.

Thanks to Greg.

Quote of the Day:

Art consists of reshaping life, but it does not create life nor cause life.

Stanley Kubrick

  1. DeLonge and TTSA are very likely a military/government sponsored PR campaign meant to rekindle interest in ET UFOs on a wide scale. There’s no actual “research” or investigation, there’s just an endless series of press releases, releases of “evidence” of highly questionable provenance, and public appearances by Shady Slim (oops, I mean Lu Elizondo). It’s all been smoke and mirrors. TTSA’s behavior tells us everything we need to know about its real purpose. It’s mission is to market belief in ET UFOs to a general public that’s lost interest in them.

    UFOs have always been a useful cover for things seen in the skies that the government/military doesn’t want to admit are there. “It wasn’t one of ours,” always should be a big red flag indicating that it probably was.

    After the Cold War (and the original run of The X-Files) was over, interest in ET UFOs started dropped off. This was becoming a problem because since the end of WWII, belief in ET UFOs has been useful for covering up a host of activities that the government/military didn’t want the civilian population to realize were taking place right over their heads.

    If there’s no longer a widespread belief in ET UFOs, they can’t be used as an effective cover. Interesting that with the Cold War between the US and Russia ginning back up, along comes TTSA to try to goose the public’s waning belief in ET UFOs.

    To me that means there’s going to be (or there already are) a lot of new, strange, and exotic black ops aircraft (US and Russian and even Chinese) to be seen in the skies. TTSA was created to try and make us believe that if we see one, it’s from w galaxy far, far away.

  2. Re. “let’s not try to talk to aliens”:

    This issue ties in to the Fermi paradox (where are all the aliens?). Worst case analysis would seem to be the best approach, given the very high stakes.

    One definite possibility might be called the Independence Day scenario. This is that the lack so far of a single peep detected by SETI from alien civilizations is due to almost all of them in our region of the Galaxy having been killed off at an early stage by the first paranoid xenophobic race to arise with interstellar capability. Inherently, the first one to appear is the last one to persist.

    And we’re next.

    Given our lack of knowledge, no more improbable than the zoo hypothesis, the quarantine hypothesis, the notion that they have been here all along, observing, or the uniqueness hypothesis (intelligence or life itself is so rare in the Universe we are the only existent example).

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