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News Briefs 15-01-2019

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Quote of the Day:

When the situation is hopeless, there’s nothing to worry about.

Edward Abbey, ‘The Monkey Wrench Gang’

  1. Not sure if you’ll delete this, but here goes:
    “dead inside, just like the current sitting President of the United States of America”
    How to turn a scientific reference into a political statement, and what a terrible thing to say about the President of your country. I had to look twice to see if I had read it correctly.
    I’d expect this kind of commentary on free-for-all sites like Reddit etc, but not on the DailyGrail. If you have to bring politics into the DailyGrail, at least stick to his policies and be big enough not to launch a personal attack on the man. All it does is help set the stage as to how we treat our future Pesidents, be they Democrat, Republican or Independent.
    Is this really the road we want to go down?

  2. I agree with darkrats. There’s no need for that sort of comment here on the Grail, nor is there a need to inject politics into every facet of life. As an independent I have to wonder why you would want to denigrate 50% of the US population? Just take the high road. This behavior makes me not want to financially support this amazing site anymore.

  3. If I say that Donald Trump is corrupt (he is) and a criminal (he is), that could be construed as a “personal attack” on him, but that does not make them any less true, and it certainly does not mean that I should keep such comments to myself. Indeed, Donald Trump is a representation of the corruption and criminality of the entire capitalist system and because of that he deserves the utmost contempt and tireless criticism.

    However, I agree that we can all do without the sorts of “personal attacks” that come from the liberals and the pseudo-left, largely centered on matters of his appearance and intellect, because they only serve to dull the minds of the population and drown out legitimate criticism.

  4. Night Goat: It seems you completely missed the point of our criticisms with Chris’ politicizing of the Grail, and your apparent fixation on Trump is the very reason why I left the Democratic party. I grew extremely tired of how people bashed and cursed our President from day one without admitting to the good he’s done over these past two years (granted Trump is no Saint, but he’s not a Nazi either). Democrats were more concerned with grandstanding and scoring political points than actual constructive communication, and it eventually drove me away from the party. I’m not an Independent and feeling much better after having made the jump.

    As for the “corrupt” and “criminal” charges, may I direct your attention to the vast, unending array of political figures both past and present? There’s much red meat on both sides of the aisle to gnash on to keep us fat and happy for years to come. Neither the D’s nor the R’s are Jesus incarnate, and many, many of them deserve a critical eye thrown their way.

    The Grail is a refuge for me, and all I’m asking is that it not become a mouthpiece for anti-US President sentiments (no matter who the sitting president is).

  5. @HermanTurnip
    By commenting briefly and specifically on Trump, I fail to see how you think I am “fixated” on him. As well, I am curious to know what you consider “the good” Trump has done, but at any rate, the bad far outweighs.

    I must clarify that I am not suggesting Trump is some aberration on an otherwise healthy system. He is merely an expression of the degeneration of bourgeois rule and the capitalist system it represents. As well, the Democrats are the party, not of the working class, but Wall Street and the military-intelligence apparatus–they deserve equal contempt. What I am saying, and my apologies if that was not clear, is that the entire capitalist class is corrupt and criminal.

    Lastly, the Office of the Presidency is not some sacrosanct thing that must be respected at all times, especially when that position is used routinely and with impunity to disrespect (to put it lightly) peoples and countries throughout the world.

  6. @Night Goat
    “the entire capitalist class is corrupt and criminal”

    This, my friend, is something we can both agree on. I’m curious what watershed moment will shock us into coming together, grasp us firmly by the bit, and drag us out of the mire we find ourselves wallowing in.

    As for the Office of the Presidency not being a sacrosanct thing, I agree. But remember that rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask and how quickly people lost their collective minds? Compare that with how Trump is being treated. This is just a small example of how crazy the pendulum swings in such matters of decorum.

    It’s definitely interesting times we’re living in…

    We’ll have to disagree about Trump’s negatives vs. positives, but a quick search can give you a running tally of Trump’s accomplishments. Quick example:

    Thanks for the discussion Night Goat. It’s nice to know that opposite ends of the political spectrum can have an intelligent conversation. Now, if only we can get out of this government shutdown with such dignity and decency. It’s amazing that we’re squabbling over a wall that will cost just .1% of the national budget. It’s all political posturing at this point. Being a veteran I’m all for securing our sovereignty, just like any other nation.

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