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A sasquatch or big foot in forest coming towards camera arms out, light and fog around monster

SNL Makes Fun of Denver Riggleman’s Bigfoot Erotica

The iconic television show Saturday Night Live! couldn’t pass up the opportunity to remind their audience that, not only is Bigfoot erotica a real literary genre, but that thanks to Denver Riggleman (Representative-elect for Virginia’s 5th Congressional district) it also became part of the political discussion in the last election —something we covered last July.

Along the years SNL has made use of the paranormal for their comedy sketches –perhaps the best example were The Coneheads, played by Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin– but to my knowledge this has been the first (and hopefully the only) time cryptozoological porn has been featured on the show.

[H/T Loren Coleman]


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