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News Briefs 29-11-2018

‘Tis a sad day at the Bikini Atoll.

  • EPA chief: Trump administration may intervene in the next climate change study.
  • Tangentially Speaking interviews explorer and documentarian Bruce Parry, whose TV series Tribe allowed him to live up close with some of the last hunter-gatherer groups in the world.
  • New analysis of gene ancestry data further confirms the Stone Age was really the Swinging Age, and that our ancestors dug Neanderthal booty.
  • CRISPr babies: New details on the experiment that shocked the world. What would Ian Malcolm say?
  • The two co-discoverers of CRISPr were outraged by the news of the gene-edited babies, but at least one noted scientist has come to the defense of the controversial experiment.
  • Scientists thought humans could only inherit mitochondrial DNA from their mothers. They were wrong.
  • Bacterial superbugs found inside the ISS –that could be a new twist to the zombie Apocalypse genre.
  • NASA promises to return to the Moon sooner than you think.
  • The first aircraft powered with ionic thrust has taken off. Will we ever fly on planes that have no moving parts?
  • Local L.A. activists stop Elon Musk’s tunnel. If you want to live in a city where you can do whatever you want, perhaps you should move to Rapture, Señor Musk.
  • The Chinese pyramids and the pole star.
  • The Atlantic dares to ask if exorcisms (and thus the supernatural) may be real after all.
  • Remote Viewing: Resurrecting the CIA’s art of pychic travel.
  • Rewriting the brain pathway for consciousness.
  • Red Pill of the Day: Pooping Legos for Science!

Thanks to Stephen Hillenburg. Even though SpongeBob was after my time, genius is easy to recognize when you see it.

Quote of the Day:

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

Pablo Picasso

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