Michael M. Hughes: Binding Trump and the Birth of the #MagicResistance

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!”

Such was the response given by one of Michael M. Hughes’s friends, when he heard of Mike’s idea in how to show resistance to the newly elected president Donald Trump: By way of a magic spell.

The seasoned magickal practitioner and author was undeterred, nevertheless, and the result of his determination has bloomed into a viral social AND esoteric movement which future historians will no doubt comment on, when they chronicle the bizarrely turbulent times we currently live in.

In the video below, Mike explains the origins of the #MagicResistance he kickstarted, and explains the audience at the Ignite Baltimore conference how they can perform the binding ritual themselves:

If you want to learn more about how to use rituals and spells in order to promote social justice, you can order Michael’s latest book Magic for the Resistance.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to order me some orange candles online…


  1. Actually, what I find really stupid about Hughes and his incantations is that he is sealing the barn door shut after the horse has escaped. The question he begs is: what was the Magick that got Trump elected in the first place? Or more pointedly, what was the Magick that thwarted Hillary from becoming President?

    And here I hope to inspire you, RPJ, to consider an avenue of further Fortean investigation. Bear with my presentation, please. It’s complicated.

    Tonight on Coast to Coast AM, Ian Punnett is interviewing Peter Levenda about his “Ratline” book in illuminating the “Search for Hitler.” TV series.

    Exactly 12 years and a week ago, Ian Punnett also interviewed Peter Levenda on C2C — along with Simon Cabana, the reputed “real” author of the Simon Necronomicon. Now Simon appeared with a disguised voice, slowed down to mask his true identity. But when the audio is speeded up, lo and behold! The voice is actually that of Peter Levenda.

    The two audio versions are online here at the beginning of Jasun Horsley’s blogpost:


    Now let’s cut to the chase by skipping over the issue of Simon’s true identity and landing squarely on John Podesta’s Wikileaks email correspondence exclusively with Tom DeLonge about UFOs and disclosure. If ever there was is a “Magickal Node” following some recipe in the “Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft” as Levenda puts it, then here it is!

    For, not only did these Wikileaks strike a blow against Hillary being elected, they also struck a blow against the careful preparations made by Tom DeLonge, Podesta & co. to disclose UFO Disclosure to the public on their own terms and schedule — and of course with the new President being Hillary Clinton, who might very well have created a new cabinet position for her campaign manager, making John Podesta the first Secretary of Disclosure in the US government.

    So, as Peter Levenda gets ready to publish the second volume in his Sekret Machines trilogy and works on his second Lovecraft novel, I leave you with a question: what role do you think the Simon Necronomicon may play in the magickal matter of UFO Disclosure as brought to us by Tom deLonge’s To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences?

    If you say “Cthulhu!” I say “Gesundheit!” Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

    1. I confess I’d never heard of this Simon Necronomicon. One thing I DO suspect is that Podesta had no real intention whatsoever to get in contact with DeLonge and his T(i)TS/AAS(s) business. The Russian hackers found those emails because DeLonge had been writing to Podesta, but to my knowledge Podesta never bothered to reply back to him.

      Now, whether there was ‘Magic’ involved in the election of Trump, OF COURSE there was! “Make American Great Again” is not a slogan, but a SPELL. It’s even more evident to me than for you guys, because the acronym (MAGA) literally means ‘sorceress’ or female magician in Spanish 😉

      1. https://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/31/opinion/witchcraft-on-the-campaign-trail.html
        “At least some of us can take comfort in the fact that we have tamed many of our fears. Otherwise we might hear the kind of reckless accusation the 1692 witchcraft court did when a blunt, boastful, perversely contentious man came before it. Thrice married, he guarded his secrets closely. He made outsize promises; he threatened and insulted. He broke rank with his establishment peers. He emerged unscathed from a series of savage attacks. Under interrogation, he made an art of “tergiversations, contradictions, and falsehoods.” Among his wizardly feats: He manipulated a very heavy gun despite surprisingly small hands. He was clearly a superhuman mastermind, the most formidable of witches, “the ringleader of them all.” His trial was the one everyone awaited. He was hanged in Salem that August.”

        1. Excellent find, @emlong! So Hillary got out-witched by this reincarnated Ringleader! Thus we need the Trickster because the Trickster does not bind, let alone resist.

          (Caveat: unless Trump himself *IS* the Trickster!)

          1. “Binding” is for medieval mock-ups like Bob Mueller casting people into solitary confinement in order to “squeeze” them.
            The Trickster of course is “Kew.”

      2. Hello RPJ,

        The best introduction to the Simon Necronomicon phenomenon is this article by Joe Flatley, published 5 years ago in The Verge

        As for the Podesta emails with DeLonge, yes, they are all from Tom to John. However, the 29 emails involve a time span which includes two actual meetings of DeLonge with Podesta, in person in July 2015 as this photo attests.

        And in Jan 2016 when John Podesta does email his secretary about the next day’s teleconference with Tom DeLonge.

          1. Then why did Podesta choose to appear in this recent episode of Ancient Aliens?


            What is unusual about the latest Ancient Aliens episode (“The UFO Conspiracy”) is Podesta’s decision to sit down for an on-camera interview, participating directly in the program.

            “Right after I left law school, I started working on that at the Department of Justice then at the Senate Judiciary Committee, and then when I worked for President Clinton’s White House,” Podesta says to the camera. “I was one of the people spearheading an initiative to declassify what turned out to be over a billion pages of documents that were resident at the national archives in President Clinton’s case. I think he was interested in the phenomenon.”

            Podesta also discusses supposedly alien materials found at alleged UFO crash sites, materials currently in the possession of budget-hotel-billionaire-turned-aerospace-exec Robert Bigelow. “There were also indications that there were certain polymers that were discovered at crash sites that were unexplained and reviewed,” Podesta claims.

          2. Actually, Jason Colavito, the Arch-Skeptic and Dutiful Debunker of Ancient Aliens, flips the fund-raising issue around for you!


            Most surprising of all is the fact that Ancient Aliens convinced former White House and Hillary Clinton campaign official John Podesta to appear on the show to discuss Tom DeLonge and space aliens.

            Podesta is a longtime believer in space aliens, and he was the recipient of several emails about aliens from DeLonge, which were published by Wikileaks after they were stolen from his account.

            Podesta is surprisingly (and rather disturbingly) enthusiastic about DeLonge’s company, and he puts in a plug for DeLonge’s fundraising prowess—and this almost suggests to me that we ought to be asking whether Podesta has a financial stake in To the Stars.

          3. Podesta and his brother Tony epitomize the non-credible actor/operator sector of government. I wouldn’t trust a thing they said about anything whatsoever even under oath, and we are going to get to see a lot of such testimony in the future.

            People like John Podesta are perfect vessels for filling with Serpo style disinfo calculated for various ulterior purposes – one of which might be the development of a blue beamish narrative such as von Braun hinted at.

            John Podesta has a control file a mile long, so there is no way of determining whether he believes what he is saying or is being induced to say things by the entrapment of his control file. Shouldn’t surprise anyone that he would gravitate to a flaky outfit like Ancient Aliens.

  2. “Disclosure” from governments, government figures, MSM bullhorns and other traditional nanny figures of increasingly dubious credibility in all matters would hardly constitute a revelation of substance in the now more “woke” awareness of the “masses.” Further perplexing disclosure is the high probability that “our” own highest, blackest tech could masquerade as “alien,” and everybody knows that.
    “A cargo cult is a belief system among a relatively undeveloped society in which adherents practice superstitious rituals hoping to bring modern goods supplied by a more technologically advanced society.”
    The real “magick” of our day – a true “perennial” magick – is that of the “voting day” in which millions and millions of people stand in lines all over the country internally muttering to themselves various however inchoate prayers and nostrums while awaiting their turn to pull the levers and punch the buttons of their deliverance. That is a huge focus of mindfulness and intent to which these other rites cannot hold a candle.

  3. This type of charlatanry is typical of the petty-bourgeois radical milieu, and points to their political bankruptcy and utter incapability of offering any meaningful way forward for the working class–that is, the overwhelmingly vast majority of world society–who suffer under capitalism. Trump is not some aberration on an otherwise healthy system, but rather a symptom of it; an embodiment of the corruption and criminality of the capitalist ruling elite. Did Trump himself create imperialist war, poverty, attacks on human rights, attacks on living conditions, censorship, mass domestic spying? No, he did not, and they won’t “magically” disappear if Trump is “magically” bound. The only way to oppose Trump is to oppose capitalism, and the only social force capable is the working class, independent of and against the two capitalist political parties.

  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfidious_Albion
    “Perfidious Albion is an anglophobic pejorative phrase used within the context of international relations and diplomacy to refer to alleged acts of diplomatic sleights, duplicity, treachery and hence infidelity (with respect to perceived promises made to or alliances formed with other nation states) by monarchs or governments of the UK (or England) in their pursuit of self-interest.”

    “Albion” may have been an unfelicitous choice of myths for this film to summon.

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