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News Briefs 05-07-2018

Any news from the front?

Quote of the Day:

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.

Sigmund Freud

  1. “””UK couple poisoned with the same type of nerve agent that killed a former Russian spy four months ago”””

    Funny, BOTH of them survived the supposed Novishok attack four months ago. Supposed to be millitary grade stuff that kills you in 30 seconds, they survived…

  2. Indeed, both Yulia and Sergei made a speedy recovery, and the entire affair has every indication of being a false flag perpetrated by the British government. One wonders if Red Pill Junkie is sympathetic to the imperialist interests of the British, US, et al, who seek military conflict with Russia.

    For readers interested in the Skripal case, I suggest:

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