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US Navy Radar Operator
110320-N-8497H-181 ARABIAN GULF (March 20, 2011) Mineman Seaman Charles Bryan watches for contacts on the SPA 256 radar while on watch in the Combat Directive Center aboard the mine countermeasures ship USS Ardent (MCM 12). Ardent is underway with elements of Combined Task Force (CTF) 52 participating in a joint mine countermeasures exercise with U.S., United Kingdom, French and NATO forces. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Lewis Hunsaker/Released)

Jeremy Corbell Interviews Radar Operator of the 2004 Tic Tac UFO Event

This is an interesting audio recording that peels off yet another layer of the onion that is the UFO event of November 2004, involving US Navy aircraft carriers and several F-18’s that were sent out to intercept what have been described as ‘Tic Tac’ shaped anomalous objects that seemed to out-maneuver the fighter jets.

Jeremy Corbell of Extraordinary Beliefs interviews ‘Trevor’, an anonymous source claiming to be one of the radar operators stationed on the USS Nimitz at the time of the highly popularized UFO sightings (in November of 2004 both the Nimitz and other support ships were engaged in war games off the coast of San Diego).

Trevor claims the unidentified targets were moving so fast they looked to be “jumping around” on his radar screen:

Now the first thing that comes to mind is WHY wouldn’t ‘Trevor’ disclose his full name, given how Luis Elizondo and TTS/AAS keep claiming that the release of the Nimitz footage and other videos they’ve been promoting was supposedly ‘sanctioned’ by the Department of Defense? Wasn’t U.S. Cmdr. David Fravor (one of the Navy pilots ordered to intercept the ‘Tic Tac’ UFO) publicly interviewed by all sorts of news outlets with regards of the incident, without the need to safeguard his identity?

It seems that the answer to that question is because of what Trevor revealed to Corbell during the interview: That after the F-18’s returned to the Nimitz, he was able to watch a video recorded by one of the planes’ cameras during a screening of it along with a few other officers at the carrier’s combat direction center CDC, and that it was a different video than the one we’ve all seen ever since we learned of the secret Pentagon UFO program in December of 2017. 

According to Corbell’s anonymous source, that other video was ‘much clearer’ than the ones released so far by the DoD through Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars Academy. It showed the F-18’s in pursuit of the unknown craft and the object mimicking the movements of the jets as if ‘mocking’ their flight capabilities; after which the UFO disappeared off sight by performing an ‘instant’ vertical lift-off.

Furthermore, Trevor also claims the object he watched in that video was not shaped like a ‘Tic Tac’, but instead had the characteristics of a classic flying saucer: dome on top with a flat bottom.

If what this source is claiming is true, then it would mean that so far To the Stars has been using a ‘white-washed’ version of the 2004 Nimitz video, one that is not as convincing or ‘life-changing’ as the one Trevor got to observe –now of course a fair question for ‘Trevor’ would be WHY he was allowed to watch that footage in the first place. Where were all the nepharious g-men wearing flashy badges and dark sunglasses, who are always giving threats and reminding personnel about security clearances and ‘need-to-know’ protocols?

Is TTS/AAS preparing to release this other video in the future? And if not, why is that so? Is it because that other footage was recorded using sensitive technology and disclosing it would give foreign enemies the heads-up? Or is it because what it is in progress is some sort of ‘perception management’ operation in order to gauge the reaction of the public?

You might raise your eyebrows and go “huh!” when you notice a positive article about UFOs on the New York Times, but if the text is only accompanied by a grainy video in which the anomalous object which allegedly outmaneuvered those fighter jets is just a bunch of white pixels on your screen, you probably won’t lose your shit entirely. It’s been 6 months since the disclosure of the Pentagon program, and Americans seemed to be more worried about the Tweets of their president, than any potential threat of unknown origin playing cat-and-mouse with the Navy near their Pacific coastline…

Is the DoD testing the waters with this ‘limited handout’, or is Trevor’s account bogus? Let us weaponize our curiosity, as Jeremy Corbell proposes –but let’s also arm ourselves with the shield of skepticism, and a good flashlight to check the mouth of the horse Tom DeLonge and his TTS/AAS buds gave us as gift.

  1. I do not know if I have a reputation as a fortean or anomalist, but if I do then I don’t care what happens to it in this instance.

    Corbell is sketchy. He waves George Knapp around like his sensei for credibility.

    These documentaries are nothing but chrome, beautifully produced with amazing visuals, but the story and invesitgative journalism falls short of the mark. I don’t want my beliefs affirmed, I want them to be challenged, and professional acquaintances do sing Corbell’s praises but I wonder if I’m seeing the same documentaries Corbell’s been producing over the past couple of years that they’ve been promoting to hell and back.

    In my opinion, they’re no better than the time-traveler videos Binnall’s been featuring at C2CAM. Just better production values.

  2. Well, there’s no question Corbell is Knapp’s protege, and since I have a good opinion of George, that also should speak highly of Jeremy.

    Now, allow me to clarify this: I have good opinions of them both DESPITE THE FACT that I’m very skeptical about some of the things they have reported on –e.g. Bob Lazar and the TTS/AAS hullabaloo.

    There’s no question that dealing with ‘inside sources’ and anonymous witnesses with military/intelligence credentials is a dangerous game. People like Bill Moore got burned by playing it; but like a good friend of mine told me once, “if you don’t play the game you get nothing.” So yeah some people will risk ‘getting too close’ to the fire in order to get a juicy scoop. In doing so they might inadvertently become part of the story themselves –as I feel it has been the case with Knapp because of his proximity with people like Lazar or even Bigelow.

    So those of us on the outside are left with a rather difficult solution: To keep close tabs of what is currently going on, yet doing so as dispassionately as possible. Meaning that cheering as a fanboy or dismissing it all beforehand as a close-minded skeptic will not do us any good.

    Let’s face it: This has been a VERY interesting year in UFOlogy. Perhaps more revelations will come, but as I said we need to consider them as emotionally detached as possible –quite the paradox I know, because if you really don’t give a shit, why should you care? 😉

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