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Joe Rogan's reaction to the 'Hitler Escaped' Conspiracy
Joe Rogan's reaction to the 'Hitler Escaped' Conspiracy

Watch Joe Rogan’s Reaction to the ‘Hitler Escaped’ Conspiracy Theory

On episode #1117 of the incredibly popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Joe interviews retired UFC fighter and Special Forces operator Tim Kennedy, who is now the host of the History channel’s TV show Hunting Hitler. In this video Tim is shown explaining Joe about the investigation his team conducted in South America around the somewhat disturbing ‘Bavarian’ communities where the descendants of people who fled Germany after WWII still live –many of which were Nazi war criminals— and the things they have uncovered during the three seasons of the show, which have led him to believe Hitler himself was among those who managed to escape –in contradiction to the official story that he died by his own hand inside the bunker alongside Eva Braun.

FWIW I’m not too fond of conspiracy theories, but the idea that Hitler did manage to survive the war and even escape to South America is IMO well within the realm of plausibility. The book Grey Wolf written by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams makes the argument that both Hitler and Braun fled Germany in a U-boat and lived long unassuming lives in the foothills of the Andes… where they had two daughters. According to them, the despicable former Führer died in 1962 at the ripe age of 73, 17 years after he supposedly took his own live in order to avoid capture by Russian troops. You can listen to an episode of Binnall of America with Gerrard Williams by following this link.

Another interesting thing Kennedy mentions in the podcast is the secretive Colonia Dignidad, another community of German descendants in Chile, which has always fascinated since it seems to be linked somehow with the weird mythology of Friendship island –but that’s for another time to discuss, I’m afraid…

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