Coincidence or Magic Spell? One Year Before Sinkhole Appears on White House Lawn, a Previous One Was Found at Mar a Lago

As each new day under the Trump era passes it feels as if his administration always manages to reach a new low. This seemed to become visually manifested by the appearance of a literal sinkhole just steps from the White House’s briefing room, just next to the gate closing the North lawn.

A golden opportunity for Trump’s critics to use the soil cavity as a metaphor for their own existential depression of seeing their country’s institutions being collapsed by a former Reality TV star and celebrity troll. But there’s more: Daily Grail writer and occult expert Michael M. Hughes pointed out on his Facebook page that exactly one year ago, another sinkhole also surfaced right at the entrance of what his owner calls ‘the Winter White House’: Trump’s private resort Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, where the Twitterer-in-chief spends most of his free weekends.

Michael is one of the leaders behind the on-going ‘Binding Trump’ magical movement, seeking to offer a kind of ‘esoteric sabotage’ against the goals and ambitions of the 45th president. These are people with a common interest in occult practices trying to use their knowledge in order to directly influence current politics; yet it’s interesting to point out that there are also Trump supporters who believe in the power of ‘Meme Magic’ , as well as fundamentalist Christians directing their prayers to shield the man they believe will ‘Make America Great Again’ from the attacks of anti-Trump witches.

Of all the things I expected to witness in the XXIst century, a modern magical war was the NOT on the list.

But let’s check up the dates again: The Mar-a-Lago sinkhole was reported on Monday, May 22 2017 by Palm Beach travel alert. It was believed to be near a recently-installed water main line. Jumping ahead to 2018, the sinkhole at the White House lawn was first spotted by some visitors on Saturday, May 19, but the story became breaking news until May 22. Experts believe the grassy hole was caused by all the heavy rains hitting the United States’ capital recently. It has since been provisionally covered but it was reported to keep expanding.

Coincidence or synchromystic omen? These occurrences are fairly common in both Washington D.C. and Palm Beach, but what are the odds of two sinkholes directly connected to Donald Trump appearing within a one-year difference?

Will we see yet another Trump-hole appearing on May 22 next year? Only time will tell. In the meantime, Michael’s latest book Magic for the Resistance comes out this September –it will be interesting to see if it contains some kind of ‘sinking spell’ in its pages…


  1. I don’t have any interest in who the US President happens to be, but I don’t understand why the hate for Trump has to show up here. Your side of the fence is pretty obvious as you mention “a new low” for the current president, being your opinion. Seeing some kind of magical connection between two sinkholes and that having to do with Trump being in the White House, seems to me to be a very ignorant (sorry for the use of this word, but I’m not able to think of a better one to use) to look at the world. I know a lot of folks want the whole universe to be against him, but really, can we not leave politics out of it?

  2. Thanks for taking the time in writing your comment.

    You mention “my side of the fence” which is rather apt, since *I* happen to be Mexican. I think you’ll understand it is quite impossible for me to show indifference or ‘objectivity’ when it comes to Trump, since from the start he built his entire platform on insulting and denigrating my country and my fellow Mexicans. He has bullied us from the beginning, and I for one cannot take that lightly nor kindly.

    This idea of ‘leaving politics out of’ discussions like the ones we like to have here at The Daily Grail is something that has always fascinated me, because I see it as a very unique and ‘American’ attitude. As I began to become more involved in the (English speaking) Fortean online scene, I discovered again and again this concept that among Americans the etiquette when having a family/friend reunion is to leave both religion and politics out of the conversation, so everybody can get along. IMO that is *PRECISELY* why you guys can’t seem to have civil discussions about these two very topics, and why your country is now in such a state of polarization…

    But more than that, in the end I tend to take issue with the idea that you can ‘leave politics out of it’, because if you think about it for a moment EVERYTHING we discuss here has to do with politics in one way or another. If we for example talk about Roswell or the assassination of JFK, are we not talking about politics, and how such a large chunk of the American population firmly believe their own government has concealed information about them with regards to those two particular subjects? And let’s not even mention 9/11 and how one’s opinion on the matter *deeply* reflects where you stand on your political views, either left right or center.

    Tell me your favorite conspiracy theory and I’ll tell YOU your political affiliation. It’s that simple.

    Trust me, we here at the Grail are not interested in antagonizing our readership, or turning into an esoteric version of Buzzfeed 😉 But I firmly believe it’s impossible not to discuss politics once in a while, because the way one addresses or shows an interest in different esoteric/alternative subjects is in some way a reaction or side-effect of your particular political views and affiliations. And I for one I’m getting tired of only letting the loudest, most raging voices like InfoWars be the only ones disseminating their politically-tinged opinion around our side of the Internet.

    Maybe it is because we chose to ‘stay quiet’ and left politics out of it is that we ended up in such a mess.



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