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Psychic Spies on CBS’s Sunday Morning

This Sunday morning CBS viewers were not given your typical sort of bland programming with their breakfast coffee and croissant: “48 Hours” correspondent Erin Moriarty took a look inside the controversial U.S. ‘psychic espionage’ program, and interviewed best-selling author Annie Jacobsen –who wrote about in her 2017 book Phenomena— as well as Dr. Dean Radin, who was a member of Project Star Gate, and whose upcoming book Real Magic promises to stir the materialistic pot of modern Science once it’s released next April:

(If the video is geoblocked for you, you can watch the original on the CBS website)

The segment takes the usual treatment given to these kind of topics by mainstream media, with Moriarty looking for balance by way of interviewing renowned physicist Sean Carroll, for the de-rigueur skeptical rebuttal to the fantastic claim that ESP is actually real. Jacobsen also gets the final word by stating how although there’s been “instances of unusual situations,” there’s still no ‘scientific proof’ of psychic phenomena; which feels a bit hypocritical on the part of CBS, given how they show Radin putting Moriarty through a SCIENTIFIC test to see whether she can unconsciously anticipate the appearance of a frightening or disturbing image (a snake or tarantula) moments before it’s actually projected on a computer screen –which she actually manages to do!– so if that is not proof, it still constitutes scientific evidence suggesting an untapped precognitive ability of the human mind, of which some people may be more sensitive to than the rest of us.

With UFOs being treated a bit more seriously nowadays by traditional news outlets, it would be interesting to see if ESP could follow a simmilar path toward attaining respectability. Then again, even DeLonge’s To the Stars initiative has followed a markedly materialistic approach to the content they are promoting, and had steered away from the more ‘high strangeness’ stuff of the UFO phenomenon that links it to PSI phenomena.

Perhaps we’ll need to wait a bit longer until we finally arrive to a Copernican Revolution of Consciousness; but one thing is for sure, and that is that scientists like Dean Radin are the ones paving the way toward it.

Real Magic comes out on April 10th, 2018

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