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…Next thing you know, they’ll be enforcing sanctioning tariffs against Mexican film directors, too! 😉

  • 12 sci-fi movies that totally deserved to win Best Picture before The
    Shape of Water.
  • The behavior of the elusive blue whale is revealed through their songs.
  • Archeologists are close to find a lost Viking settlement in North America.
  • Athletes are turning to leeches to try gaining Wolverine-like healing powers, Bub.
  • Tangentially Speaking interviews Jeff Leach, a researcher who made headlines when he inserted fecal matter from Hadza hunter gatherers up his colon. This chat is the $#it!
  • Sleepyhead: Emmanuel Mignot applauds Henry Nicholl’s personal and scientific account for narcolepsy and beyond.
  • 5 ‘extraterrestrial’ points of interest in Southern California for believers and skeptics alike. The Integratron and Giant Rock are still in my bucket list!
  • The strange case of the left-handed UFO.
  • Joshua Cutchin offers a tantalizing non-materialist hypothesis for the persistent UFO secrecy. Listen to him offer more left-field ideas on the new installment of The Paracast.
  • The enigma of Edinburgh’s miniature coffins.
  • Anomalous Americana: 3 stories from the etheric margins of the southern United States.
  • By devising new ways to look into the tiny processes inside brain cells, neurobiologist Ed Boyden aims to solve the ‘big issue of the brain.’
  • Artist Melvin Way holds the key to the Universe –and that key is… cocaine?
  • The Vatican, the exorcists and the return of the Devil in a time of enchantment.
  • Researcher Linda Godfrey takes a look at the reports of glowing red eyes in cryptid sightings.
  • Red Pill of the Day: What do you do when you’re a Japanese farmer that wants to keep wild boars at bay? Why, you hire the services of a super monster wolf, of course!

Thanks to Greg and Guillermo.

Quote of the Day:

Genius is the true mystery, and at its edge–the abyss

Guillermo del Toro.