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Alien Sex Cartoon

Sex, Drugs, and UFOs

This article is excerpted from Darklore Volume 3, which is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.


Stories of alien entities engaged in sexual soirées with human abductees and consorts have been recounted from the beginning of the UFO phenomenon, and perhaps since time immemorial. This theme of alien-human sexual high jinks has been a mainstay in sci-fi literature going back to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars, who – after reigning victorious over the red planet’s many strange creatures – won the affections of Martian princess, Deja Thoris. Illustrations of scantily clad earth gals being abducted by bug-eyed aliens were featured time and again in the pulps of the 40s and 50s, further imprinting this titillating theme of sex and saucers on the mind at large.

Drugs, as well, have played an integral role in the experience – in particular psychedelics, which induce a frame of mind more attuned to witnessing the UFO phenomenon and its associated critters, who not only take the form of alien greys, but reptoids, humanoids, and even Bigfoot. What I’m postulating is a vast spectrum of experiences which could be categorized as ‘UFO sightings’.

In the 1970s, a 19-year-old girl attributed the birth of her bluish-skinned, web-footed baby to being sexually accosted on a California beach by a contingent of (you guessed it!) blue-skinned, web-footed aliens. This is but one example of the many purported UFO encounters featuring sexual intercourse or rape. To this end, let us trace the phenomenon back through time and draw parallels between recent UFO/alien encounters, and those of a similar variety that have occurred throughout recorded history.

Biblical Rape and Alien Violations

In the early 20th century, Aleister Crowley used hallucinogenic drugs in combination with sex magick and ‘Enochian calls’ to invoke otherworldly entities. These Enochian calls were presumably derived from the Book of Enoch, which relates the story of wicked angels who abducted and mated with human women. Alien Sex CartoonThe Old Testament says, “The sons of God came in unto the daughters of man.” This intercourse and interaction resulted in a hybrid race, the Nephilim. These biblical tales could also possibly be (and have been) interpreted as an alien invasion that came to earth to practice genetic manipulation.

The offspring of this mating, as noted, was the Nephilim – who, in turn, went on to further commingle with the earth gals, and as recorded in Genesis, taught their earthling lovers, “sorcery, incantation, and the dividing of roots and trees.” UFO researcher Guy Malone equates the “dividing of roots” to the use of shamanic drugs.

Parallels can be drawn between the Nephilim and the changelings of fairy lore. As Jacques Vallee noted in Passport to Magonia, these sexually charged stories were sanitized in later fairy tales. Such unsanitized tales are however prevalent in Scottish lore, which speaks of beautiful creatures of an aerial order, who frequently took the form of succubi, seducing young men. This is what Vallee suggests may be going on in the case of many current day abductees: that it is a continuation of a tradition of encounters with incubi and succubi that in modern times has taken the form of ET encounters. Modern day encounters often feature aliens abducting men and women from their beds – often during sleep, or semi-sleep states or trances – and taking them aboard futuristic craft where they are probed and violated, semen samples taken and ovums extracted. And, of course, the ever-present anal probe…

Sleeping with the Alien

One of the early Contactees who had dalliances with the fairer alien sex (allegedly) was Howard Menger. Menger, as the story goes, enjoyed regular meetings with Marla – a buxom blonde bombshell from outer space who claimed to be five hundred years old, but didn’t look a day over twenty-one…which is the legal age for alien women to have sex with earth men, I guess. Menger was so smitten with this unearthly gal with otherworldly curves that he divorced his then-wife to marry Marla – who nowadays goes by the name of Constance, or Connie Menger, and appears as human as you or I. Go figure…

In 1952, Truman Bethurum claimed meetings with a gone space gal named Aura Rhanes from the Planet Clarion, the captain of a flying saucer who was “tops in shapeliness and beauty.” Over a three month period, Aura visited Truman a total of ten times, sometimes even materializing in his bedroom, much to the chagrin of his wife. In fact, Bethurum’s wife cited Rhanes in her divorce petition. So early on we can see how these alien babes were already causing problems between us earth guys and our women folk – like there weren’t already enough problems going on between the sexes. Thanks, Venus! This is not to say that the earth gals haven’t had their fair share of dalliances with interplanetary studs.

In 1956, Elizabeth Klarer allegedly fell head over heels for a humanoid-alien named Akon, who took her to his home planet Meton where he seduced her, saying: “Only a few are chosen for breeding purposes from beyond this solar system to infuse new blood into our ancient race.” Sounds like a line Akon probably used more than once. While shacking up with Akon on Meton, Klarer got knocked up and gave birth to a son courtesy of her intergalactic suitor. Klarer finally had to leave Meton because she was having trouble breathing in the planet’s atmosphere. Klarer’s last meeting with Akon was in 1963, when she was apparently visited, at her South African home, by Akon and her son.

UFO Warning, written by New Zealander John Stuart, recounted his experiences in the early 50s with a group called ‘Flying Saucer Investigators’. The back cover of UFO Warning reads, “FORCED INTO SEX ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER.” However, this provocative title wasn’t exactly accurate, as the story’s comely heroine, Barbara Turner – who worked with Stuart in his UFO investigations – was actually forced into sex while alone in her bedroom one night, when thirteen invisible creatures allegedly raped her.

At a later date, Stuart and Turner saw what they described as a “loathsome, hideous, evil, disgusting, horrifying” creature standing eight feet tall with fur and webbed feet. Apparently Turner seemed ready to succumb to the sexual advances of this otherworldly pervert, but for some reason said furry monster abruptly departed.

Putting the ‘Contact’ Into ‘Contactee’

In 1952, George Adamski – in the company of six other people – purportedly witnessed a flying saucer land in the Mojave Desert carrying a long, blonde-haired Venusian named Orthon. According to Adamski, he was then taken aboard Orthon’s ship and flown around the Universe. Little did Adamski know at the time that he had befriended an alien sex fiend!

Adamski’s secretary, Laura Mundo, claimed that in the early 60s “sexual developments” transpired between Adamski’s female followers and certain spacemen hanging out at Adamski’s Mt. Palomar pad, one of whom was Orthon. During this period, a promiscuous young woman named Sonja claimed to have met Orthon there and engaged with him – and a number of other spacebrothers – in an orgy which swingin’ Sonja described as “out of this world.”

Although Adamski is generally identified as the original contactee of the modern UFO era, a fellow named Samuel Eaton Thompson – in Washington State in 1950 – experienced a saucer landing and contact with its inhabitants, who welcomed him aboard their ship. Like Orthon, the saucer people were Venusians with long blonde hair and perfect features. But unlike Orthon, they were naked as jaybirds.

There have been many reports of nude aliens. In the late 1960s, Woodrow Derenberger was picked up by apparent alien beings and transported to their home planet, Lanulos. There he was surprised to discover that most Lanulosians strutted their stuff in the buff, on a sort of outer space nudist colony.

Another kinky episode in UFO lore was the 1957 Antonio Villas-Boas case. Villas-Boas, a 23-year-old Brazilian farmer, was allegedly taken aboard a UFO, then slipped an aphrodisiac mickey and “forced” to have hardcore sex with an attractive red-haired, pointy-breasted femanoid who made odd animal-like grunting noises during their “close encounter.”

Apparently, Brazilians have had a number of sexual encounters with alien sex fiends. In 1979, 25-year-old Antonio Ferreira witnessed a saucer land, followed by the appearance of some robots who abducted Ferreira and took him aboard their craft. There Ferreira encountered a repulsive female alien with bad breath and icy-cold skin, as well as red pubic hair (a feature noted in the Villas-Boas case). Wanting nothing to do with this skuzzy alien broad, Ferreira resisted. In response, the robots tore Ferreira’s clothes off and gave him an injection, causing him to succumb. Then the rascally robots covered Ferreira in an amber-colored oil (emotion lotion, perhaps?) followed by the alien dame jumping his Brazilian bones.

Perhaps the most well known abductee is Whitley Strieber. Many aspects of Strieber’s recounted experiences appear clearly sexual in nature, one of which featured a wrinkled old alien grey gal who instructed him to make it “harder.” When Strieber realized it was his you-know-what she was encouraging him to harden, he became understandably horrified, although upon later reflection the incident left Strieber somewhat confused and, admittedly, aroused. Another common feature of the alien abduction experience is the probing of earthling rectums with electronic probes, which Strieber described in Communion:

…The next thing I knew I was being shown an enormous and extremely ugly object, gray and scaly, with a sort of network of wires on the end. It was at least a foot long, narrow, and triangular in structure. They inserted this thing into my rectum. It seemed to swarm into me as if it had a life of its own. Apparently its purpose was to take samples, possibly of fecal matter, but at the time I had the impression that I was being raped, and for the first time I felt anger…

Later in the saga, Strieber recounted having semen drawn from his ‘johnson’ with some sort of vacuum device – alluding once again to the sexual nature of his “communion.”Book cover for Whitley Strieber's Communion

Anal probes, insemination, pokes and scratches, and other intrusive behavior are commonly attributed to these otherworldly visitors. Some have even suggested, like Strieber, they are a form of rape. Or conversely, it could be conjectured that anal probes are intergalactic sex toys. Whatever the case, the aliens seem to have a fond fascination with penises, rectums, and other assorted human protuberances and orifices. But of course this should come as no surprise, as we humans also have a fond fascination with same. Perhaps it’s the alien in us all!

Rael Love and the Manchurian Candidate

In 1973, Claude Vorilhon – while exploring an extinct volcano in the French countryside – experienced an encounter with a small, bald, green-skinned fellow with a goatee on his chin and halo over his head, who arrived in the requisite spacecraft. This fellow introduced himself as Yahweh, and informed Claude that he had come to earth to visit him specifically, and that Claude was the chosen one to spread the message of the Elohim, an alien race of ascended masters.

Yahweh cranked up his spaceship and took Claude – at seven times the speed of light – to the Elohim’s home planet where he met up with Jesus, Moses and Buddha. At some point in this adventure, Claude was given a scented bath by six perfectly formed biological robot babes, who subsequently treated him to some steamy robot sex.

During his sexual initiation, Claude was appointed the Elohim’s ambassador to Earth. Upon his earthly return, Claude adopted the name Rael and soon after began proselytizing as “the last prophet.” This, of course, led to what some would term a free-love saucer cult – the Raelian Movement. Rael, bless his depraved little heart, has encouraged sexual promiscuity among his frolicking followers all in search of an Elohim-blessed “cosmic orgasm.” Talk about a big bang!

A more recent alleged human/alien sexual encounter began at a logging camp in the Manchurian province, when a Chinese man named Meng witnessed an alien craft crash. Meng started off toward said craft, and was gazing at it across a valley, when something hit him in the head and knocked him silly. Following Mr. Meng’s UFO related head smacking, he found himself levitating above his bed one night. While his wife and daughter slept soundly below, a three-foot-tall, six-fingered alien dame with braided fur on her legs proceeded to straddle Meng’s waist and start in on him, alien sex style. After forty torrid minutes of levitational copulation, this braided-fur alien babe then departed, vanishing through a wall, as aliens are apt to do. A month later, Meng claimed, he was transported up into a spaceship. When Meng asked to see the woman he’d had sex with, his abductors said that this was impossible, but that in 60 years, “on a distant planet the son of a Chinese peasant will be born.”

According to the International UFO Reporter, a young Australian, Peter Khoury, was in bed early one morning in 1992 when two “unusual looking naked women” appeared from out of nowhere. One – a tall blond – tried to force Khoury to put his face on her breast, but he resisted and decided to bite off a piece of her nipple, although this strange woman apparently felt no pain. Shortly afterward, both women vanished. Afterwards, Khoury discovered two humanoid-looking hairs wrapped painfully around his purple penis. He saved one of these hairs in an envelope, and years later gave it to a group of Australian scientists to analyze. The result, apparently, indicated that these women were hybrids of some sort, with DNA close to that of humans.

Probably the one person on this planet most responsible for the advance of alien-human sexual relations is Pamela Stonebrooke, a talented jazz singer also known as ‘The Intergalactic Diva’. Stonebrooke has claimed numerous sexual bump and grinds with a group of fun-loving alien reptilians, who she believes are preparing her for an apocalyptic planetary upheaval. I bet they tell that to all the earth gals.

Strange Attractor

So what’s attracting these apparent otherworldly beings? One theory suggests that women’s menstrual cycles are at the root of many of these strange encounters. Fortean researchers have long noted that Bigfoot, various monsters, apparitions, ghosts and UFO sightings often happen near lover’s lanes, or during women’s menstrual periods. Some ancient cultures suspected that women’s menstrual cycles open a gateway into the void, through which certain ‘forces’ can be invoked – a theory Carlos Castaneda entertained in The Second Ring of Power. It has been noted by certain researchers that – in addition to the uncanny ability to locate women experiencing their menstrual periods – Bigfoot and other reported Fortean beasts tend to appear when the moon is full. Of course,menstruation itself is believed to have a basic concurrence with moon cycles. According to occultist Kenneth Grant, the human menstrual flow is the vehicle of the lunar vibration. Grant seems convinced that this peculiar force gives rise to an entity known to the ancient Egyptians as the Ape of Thoth, a beast which loomed large in Aleister Crowley’s magical practices. Maybe Bigfoot and the Ape of Thoth are more closely related than has been previously suspected. Also, some of the stranger Bigfoot sightings have coincided with the appearance of UFOs. This lends credence to the theory that Bigfoot is more paranormal in nature, rather than an actual flesh-and-bones beastie.

Beastly encounterDr. Wilhelm Reich theorized that a mysterious life force, Orgone – closely connected with human sexuality – could be gathered in containers which he invented called Orgone Accumulators, devices that are used to promote optimal health and well being. In The Rebirth of Pan, author Jim Brandon speculated that the energy collected in Orgone Accumulators was akin to automobiles containing erotically-inclined couples parked in lover’s lanes engaged in carnal couplings. What this suggested to Brandon is that the power behind these manifestations – UFOs and other paranormal materializations – may not be entirely under control, but are acting chaotically, like a moth to light, in response to whatever is gathered in metal boxes, such as sexual energy. In essence, aliens – or whatever ‘they’ are – feed off this sexual human energy like psychic vampires.

The Cloudbuster – another Reich invention which resembled a large gatling gun-like contraption – could theoretically pull rain out of the clouds. Additionally, Reich discovered that his Cloudbuster could drain energy from lights in the sky, dimming them from view. In essence, the Cloudbuster was also an Orgone Accumulator of sorts, sucking Orgone from the atmosphere. While experimenting with the Cloudbuster, Reich encountered what he perceived as UFOs, and came to believe that they were coming to Earth to suck up Orgone and exhaust a waste product he dubbed Deadly Orgone Energy (DOR). DOR, Reich contended, was causing adverse environmental effects on the planet. At some point, Reich decided to aim the Cloudbuster on a contingent of UFOs he observed over his Rangeley research facility, which caused said UFOs to turn tail and retreat. This led Reich to triumphantly proclaim that “tonight, for the first time in the history of man, the war waged for ages by living beings from outer space upon this Earth…was reciprocated.”

The Drugs Do Work

Sex, as I’ve exhaustively documented, is a common theme in UFO lore, as much as some ufologists might prefer to keep it hidden in the closet, like J. Edgar Hoover in drag. But talk of drugs and their relation to UFOs seems even more verboten, as it’s perceived by many that making these connections only further marginalizes and confuses the UFO research field. And so, for the ‘serious’ researcher, if it’s established that witnesses were under the influence of mind-altering substances during their encounters, then the experience is immediately relegated to the ufological round file.

However, I consider this approach a bit hasty, because the types of states accessed by psychedelic drugs might be at the core of what the UFO experience is really about. Which is not to say that UFO encounters are hallucinations – quite the contrary. What plant entheogens do is enable us to see a broader spectrum of what is actually around us, and to access states we aren’t normally able to perceive, much in the same manner that shamans of ancient traditions – through the use of magic ritual – are able to ‘see’ on a higher level, tune into the cosmos, help people overcome sicknesses and to discover truths about themselves. The shamanic drug ayahausca has been used for hundreds of years in this manner, its usage often taking the form of vision quests.

One of the most recent luminaries to address this subject is Graham Hancock in his book Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind. The book documents Hancock’s shamanistic ayahausca voyages and the grey-skinned entities he’s encountered, whom he regards as his teachers or guardian angels.

A chemical compound found in ayahausca is dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which – it should be noted – is also created naturally in the human brain. In this regard, there may be a relationship between the release of DMT into the pineal gland and mystical experiences. The pineal gland, some claim, is where our third eye resides, and when we are able to open our third eye, this leads to an acceleration of our spiritual evolution and eventual illumination.

What Terence McKenna discovered under DMT’s influence was a world inhabited by creatures he described as “self-transforming machine elves.” Interestingly enough, others conducting DMT experimentation have encountered these same entities on a consistent basis, and often in strikingly similar detail to what McKenna observed. This illustrates the possibility of a multiverse, or multiple dimensions, that are accessed – in certain cases – through ritualized drug use, in the same way that the aethers are opened up by the practice of ritual magic.

Another pioneer of the 1960s psychedelic revolution was Dr. John Lilly, known for his groundbreaking work with dolphins, as well as the invention of the isolation tank. In the early 1970s, Lilly began experiencing a series of supposed interstellar communications with a network of alien entities known as ECCO – an acronym for “Earth Coincidence Control Office.” These communications were achieved through the use of the drug Ketamine.

Many people have encountered UFOs on magic mushrooms, including Terence McKenna. One such magic mushroom contactee was the late comedian Bill Hicks, who – during a late 80s psilocybin trip – was taken aboard what he perceived to be an alien ship. Hicks often talked about this experience during stand-up routines; although most people had no idea whether to take him seriously when he referred to the seven balls of light that transported him aboard an alien ship, that he described as…

…all white light inside, like a conch shell, and it seemed like there were thousands of other people on the same channel, communicating at this high speed…There was nothing scary or evil about it. It was just really positive and happy, a really good vibration all around.

On August 19, 2000, actress Ann Heche was found wandering outside a rural ranch field near Fresno, California, dressed in a sports bra and shorts and babbling about a spaceship. In 1995, Ms. Heche began hearing disembodied voices instructing her that she was “Celestia from the Fourth Dimension.” At a mountain lodge in the Sierras, an ethereal voice instructed Heche to swallow a hit of Ecstasy and then report to Fresno for a space-brother rendezvous. After leaving said lodge, Heche drove five hours, which was unusual since Fresno was only eighty miles away. At some point, the aforementioned ethereal voice told Heche to pull over and walk into a field where a spaceship was scheduled to land. When friends came to see her the next morning at a local hospital, Heche said she had suddenly snapped out of her Celestia head trip and was “sane” for the first time in thirteen years.

All of this comes back full circle to my own psychedelic UFO experience, the connection in this case being Fresno, which on the surface appears to be nothing more than your average Central California cookie-cutter town. However, behind the façade of strip malls, Wal Marts and fast food outlets, Fresno seems to be a magnet for high weirdness, such as my own UFO freakout, recounted in Darklore Volume 1.

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