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Disclosure, huh? You wanna know what I really think about it?

  • It’s never aliens. Until it is.
  • UFO legacy: What impact will the revelation of the Pentagon program have?
  • The galactic effects on habitability.
  • New insights into the mysterious jets expelled by black holes.
  • China’s plummeting space station is just a tiny taste of the space junk problem.
  • Musk Station One? Astronaut Michael Foale think private companies could save the International Space Station.
  • Here’s one way you could travel to Area 51, without getting harrassed by camo dudes.
  • Sorry bros, but our sexbot fantasies could drive US obsolete in that department, too!
  • Tangentially Speaking talks with Michael Shermer about his new book Heavens on Earth, which takes a critical view on both the old-school Afterlife and Transhumanism.
  • Welcome to Black Mirror: Japanese scientists have just invented a way to read our minds using A.I.
  • Snow falls in the Sahara. Again.
  • New York City plans to sue oil companies for global warming.
  • Alleged ‘new evidence’ about the discovery of Noah’s ark has been released.
  • Can cheese cause you to have weird dreams?
  • Red Pill of the Day: This is the pill that can track your farts.

Thanks to Charles and Marvin

Quote of the Day:

“Everybody in this planet boarded a train that was ‘Final Destination: Death’. So the train, we’re going to live, we’re going to have beauty and love and freedom. And I think that when you eliminate one of the two sides from the equation, it’s a pamphlet. When you take into account the dark to tell the light, it’s reality.”

Guillermo Del Toro