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Still image from The Hill and the Hole

The Hill and the Hole: A Weird Tale of the Southwest

The Hill and the Hole: A Weird Tale of the Southwest is an upcoming paranormal thriller co-directed by Chris Ernst and Bill Darmon of Bright Rectangle Films. The Hill and the Hole is currently in post-production and slated for release some time in 2018, and features yours truly in the role of Roger Person (a wise-cracking Freemasonic sociopathic fry cook).

The Hill and the Hole is adapted from a Fritz Leiber short story of the same name, and was filmed in late July and early August (during the mystical Dog Days) in various locales in New Mexico, Colorado and Massachusetts. It would be best described as a paranormal thriller with a little Jim Jarmusch here and some Twin Peakishness there, but with all that being said I think it will be unique unto itself — a mix of comedy, drama, high weirdness and horror, influenced to a certain degree by directors Ernst and Darmon’s interest in Forteana, including the works of Jim Brandon and Peter Levenda concerning prehistoric mounds and the haunted history surrounding them; of giants who once roamed the earth, ritual sacrifice and alternate dimensions. But perhaps I’m giving away too much!

For a sneak peak of the film here is the recently released trailer:

Whatever the case, it was a blast making the film and while in Massachusetts I had a chance to hook up with my old pal Tim Binnall  who even got a chance to play a role in the production as my fry cook assistant, Tiny. The movie also features a cast of young and talented actors (I say “young” because I was easily the oldest one on set!) that includes Liam Kelly, Kristen Brody, Brandt Adams, Chris Dunlop, Matthew O’Donnell, Ricardo Burgos, Xochi, William McLane, and a cool and creepy film score by Drew O’Doherty.

Adam Gorightly as Roger Person and Tim Binnall as his lovable sidekick, Tiny.
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