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Join Allison Jornlin’s Haunted Road Trip

When it comes to UFOs and the Paranormal sometimes it feels like it’s an old boys club, with male researchers getting most of the attention while their female colleagues get relegated to a secondary position –don’t believe me? Take a look at MUFON’s Board of Directors, consisting of 7 men and only 2 women.

The truth of the matter is there are quite a few women with an active interest in Forteana. One of them is Allison Jornlin, who has been investigating hauntings and other strange phenomena for more than 20 years. A native from Milwaukee, she has led numerous haunted history tours and presented talks on a variety of Fortean topics — poltergeists, UFOs, cryptids, demonic possession, etc.  Allison has been featured on TV, radio, and in print and has contributed research to books, articles, and podcasts.  She frequently works with paranormal teams to investigate historic buildings, providing witness interviews and archival research to facilitate their efforts.

Recently Allison launched her Youtube channel, Haunted Road Trip, which currently is mainly focused on the recent Mothman flap in the Chicago area. Allison visits the places where the frightening winged creature has been reported, which gives the viewer a more realistic understanding on the circumstances surrounding the sightings.

In the video below, Allison is joined by Madeline Kate, of the Measuring the Circle video podcast, to discuss the circumstances surrounding a Mothman sighting which allegedly took place on October 27th, 2017:

If you like what Allison’s doing, be sure to subscribe to her channel. She may never get a chance to watch the mythical Mothman with her own eyes, but I’m sure seeing the rising number of likes in her videos will be compensation enough.

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