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Sean David Morton on History Channel's 'Ancient Aliens'

The Fall of a New Age ‘Star’: Sean David Morton

Sean David Morton first rocketed to New Age superstardom (he has been a regular interviewee on Coast to Coast AM over the years) in the early 1990s, organizing bus tours out to Area 51, one of many ‘scene makers’ who glommed on to the mania associated with Groom Lake, Bob Lazar, and reversed-engineered ET craft from another planet! To this end, Morton portrayed himself as an Area 51 insider while coming across as an all-knowing used car salesman with a line of mumbo jumbo a mile long and several feet deep. Morton credited his insider status to knowledge passed on to him from his father, Gerard Morton, who (purportedly) was one of the original members of the Apollo Astronaut program!

The only problem, though, is that Morton seems to have made up the whole bit about his father being a member of the Apollo program – just one of the many of spurious claims exposed over the years by Royce Meyers at UFO Watchdog, who long ago got a bee in his bonnet about Morton and decided to debunk his constant stream of BS. Meyers checked with NASA about Morton’s father, and received the following response:

We have no records of this person’s name in our database of files in the Headquarters Historical Reference Collection.

Whatever the case, none of these debunkings ever seemed to faze Morton’s hard core fans, who probably believed that the Illuminati or The Deep State (insert creepy organ music here) were making up ‘fake news’ about their hero.

I first caught wind of some of Morton’s sketchy shenanigans back in the early 2000s from a friend who lost her life savings in a Morton-engineered scheme, during the period when he had moved on to apparently having ‘psychic powers’ to presumably predict the stock market under cover of his ‘investment firm’, Delphi Associates.

A few years later, Morton wound up in the news again with similar allegations swirling that he swindled investors using the old psychic-readings-to-predict-the-stock-market-routine while laughing all the way to the bank. On March 7, 2010, Morton and his partner-in-crime wife Melissa were charged with securities fraud for having fleeced a large number of starry eyed believers to the tune of $6 million dollars between 2006 and 2007. Apparently the bulk of this money was siphoned into shell accounts operated by Morton and the Mrs. In a February 2013 ruling, Morton was ordered to pay $11.5 million to the Securities Exchange Commission, although it’s unclear if he ever made good on this court order.

And yet, not long after, I heard him on the Art Bell show again. It was completely baffling to me that this guy had been involved in so much sketchy shit, yet always seem to come up smelling like a rose — or, at the least, never spent any serious time in the slammer, or paid any noticeable price for his transgressions.

But as with all bullshit artists, Morton’s luck finally ran out when he and and his wife Melissa were arrested by Treasury Agents last summer after disembarking from the ‘ConspiraSea Cruise’, where he had been one of the featured speakers.

(It seems like the ConspiraSea Cruise was awash with swindlers, including a curious character named Winston Shrout who soon after the cruise was also wearing an ankle bracelet after being charged with “13 counts of making, presenting and transmitting fictitious financial instruments and six counts of willfully failing to file income tax returns…accused of making and issuing more than 300 fake “International Bills of Exchange” on his own behalf and for credit to third parties. The government contends Shrout falsely claimed the bills had value and purported them to be worth more than $100 trillion”.)

As for Morton and his charming wife, they were rung up on fifty-six counts of fraud and conspiracy, which included filing a false tax return to the tune of $2,809,921. Apparently — according to ace court reporter Greg Bishop who attended the recent early April trial — Morton and his wife also forged U.S. Treasury checks out of whole cloth (in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) which they cashed at banks in the greater Los Angeles area.

On account of the Illuminati no doubt, things didn’t go well for the Mortons in court, and a jury found the duo guilty on all counts. The piper will officially play the Morton’s tune when sentencing takes place on June 19. According to Royce Meyers, “prosecutors in the case are recommending Morton serve 87 months in federal prison. Morton’s wife/co-conspirator, Melissa Ann Morton, is scheduled to be sentenced July 24th and she was also convicted on numerous felony charges of fraud and conspiracy.”

For more on the seemingly never ending Sean David Morton sh*t-show, visit UFO Watchdog, and also check out my recent Radio GoGo podcast on “The Sean David Morton Chronicles”.

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