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News Briefs 13-04-2017

Worst part of ParaMania 2017: The Museum of Death.
Best part of ParaMania 2017: The Aetherius Society’s HQ.
See y’all in N’awlins next year, fellow Discordian priests!

Thanks to Chris Heyes

Quote of the Day:

“Opinions are like @#$holes, you should have yours regularly checked out, and if an expert tells you something is wrong, you should listen.”


  1. From the Receipt-of-Missive-from-Tralfamadore-Dept.
    Greetings from the past dear friend
    How far to the past can you send messages?
    Keep up the incandescent curiosity.
    I keep coming across your works in the most intriguing places.
    All hail the Internet!

  2. Great News in the Morning!
    RPJ, glad to see that the para-slumming conference has revived you!! I know it’s one of your personal favorites.

    If I was this far gone when I was 18, I probably would have off’d myself then. But, taking care of my 86 year old dad makes me feel young, so I’ve got that going for me! Despite not being able to do my best work, I’m still doing my most meaningful work. So, we keep hoping for something to turn back the clock.

    Scientists are like … and should be checked regularly (haha)!

  3. muse
    EPA: I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Trump regime has “outlawed” the use of the phrases “climate change” and “global warming” in all EPA papers and any government run sites. Fuck the abacus, that’s still brain stuff…..hand me my sack of pebbles.

    Red Pill: Ah hipster parents, instead of scolding the kid and educating him on how he could have been killed, how it’s illegal, and how they could have been thrown in jail for negligence if something happens to him and his sister – they buy him a flight simulator and reward his behavior. He may know how to drive, but he can’t possibly comprehend what it means to drive. Show him the films we had to watch in driver’s ed with the people who became part of the blood soaked pavement after a crash. That’s how you teach ’em.

    Dino(saur): I found a Teleocrater
    rawr πŸ˜‰

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