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2nite: Tune In & Support the John Anthony West Project Telethon

Before the word ‘alternative’ was hijacked by right-wingers, it was used to differentiate rogue intellectuals who were willing to offer a different interpretation to ideas of theories, which contradicted those endorsed by orthodox academicians.

One of such luminaries in the world of Alternative History is John Anthony West, who has been battling for decades with the ‘quackademics’ over his theories related to the true age of the Great Sphinx –theories supported by the compelling evidence found by geologist Robert Schoch, who became a long-time friend of John’s and was featured alongside him in the Emmy-winning documentary Mystery of the Sphinx (1993).

But now, John is facing a new kind of battle: One with cancer. And true to his unorthodox nature, he’s seeking to treat himself using the vanguard therapies designed by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski on his clinic in Houston, Texas.

Getting sick in America is always expensive. Getting sick with cancer even more so. But renouncing traditional care in favor of cutting-edge methods is something most health insurance companies simply do not accept. Which is why JAW’s supporters are trying to raise the money through a crowdsourcing campaign.

And to help promote this money-raising effort, a group of John’s friends will be broadcast a special Telethon program –or rather, a Youtubethon– tonight at 8:30 pm ET. Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Laird Scranton, Edward Nightingale and Randall Carlson will be special guests during the transmission, which will be hosted by the Den of Lore show and Sacred Geometry International –Randall’s company– and co-hosted by my buddy Seriah Azkath of Where Did the Road Go?

So tune in, and if you can make a donation. Any amount helps, but both the Fundly crowdsourcing campaign and the telethon organizers have put together a lot of really juicy perks for big contributions.

I had the pleasure of personally meeting all the special guests, including John Anthony West himself, thanks to the Paradigm Symposium(*). I remember one late night of partying back at the hotel lobby, watching the indefatigable John departing with the gathered attendees, or enjoying the spontaneous jamming sessions, seemingly oblivious to the fact it was past midnight and most people his age were probably in bed by then. He used to joke vodka was the key to his inexhaustible energy, but now I think the *real* secret was in the network of caring, nurturing companions he had managed to create and maintain over the years.

Here’s hoping that network can spread and multiply its tendrils all over the Internet tonight, so John can keep sticking it to ‘quackademics’ for many more years to come.

The John Anthony West Project Telethon

Link to the Youtube live show.


(*) Scotty Roberts, co-founder of the Paradigm Symposium, was going to be among the group of special guests, but unfortunately had to withdraw due to personal health problems of his own. Get well, Scotty!

  1. A Toast to J.A.W.
    RPJ, thanks for posting on this event and participating in your own unique way. I noticed the host had some very kind words for you (haha!).

    It’s awesome paying tribute to a legend while they are still with us. Sounds like JAW is a bar fly after your own heart! Is vodka part of any alternative treatments? I’m partial to Black Russians myself. Got addicted to those back in my frequent flyer days and still occasionally indulge (and regret it).

    1. Vodka
      Thanks, Charles 😉

      Re. vodka, who knows. I know how they have conducted studies with 100-year-olds in several countries, including Russia, where these centenarians are found to still enjoy a daily dose of vodka. Thing is, we find the same thing with 100-year-olds in the Mediterranean area who like to drink wine, and their counterparts in Japan who do the same with sake, etc.

      Nutritionists have tried to extract some secret recipe for years about all of this, coming with things like ‘the Mediterranean diet’ and how this kind of fatty acid is healthy, but these other things are bad. IMO it’s all bullcrap. I agree with Dr. Christopher Ryan when he claims the REAL secret is not in the diet, but in the social habits: Mediterraneans don’t rush their lunch or order their coffee to-go; they sit in cafés full of natural sunlight and talk with their friends and take their time. And when they drink they prefer to do it in the company of others, instead of alone.

      So, the real secret, as I wrote in the post, is not to be found in diets or amount of alcohol ingested. It’s in you social connections, and also on whether you’re still doing something you find meaningful with your life –which is why most people degrade so rapidly just after they decided to retire and ‘enjoy their golden years.’

      Stress is a funny thing. Too much of it is worse than poison, but eradicate it entirely out of your life is just as bad.

      1. social connections my derriere
        You know the saying “a little hard work never killed anyone” ?
        I think this is wrong, it kills lots of people.

        Seriously, a lot of emphasis is placed on how hard you work, how long the hours are that you available. This is what kills many people. Occasionally someone has a brilliant moment, gets something done in 5 minutes that would have taken all day. What is the conclusion? This person is lazy, they should work like this all the time.

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