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News Briefs 05-10-2016

Grow some bolts!

Quote of the Day:

For a neuron to travel a foot takes a microsecond – which is fairly fast. But for electrons to go down a foot of wire takes a nanosecond. It’s a million times faster, as simple as that. So to a robot, once fully established in that new world, a second is a million seconds. Everything is happening so fast that they have on earth a million times longer to live, to grow up, to evolve, than we do.

James Lovelock

  1. News
    Mermaid: The guy who made this runs a special effects company. Nuf said. Also as an avid beach comber I can tell you that even 100 year old whale bones do not get that dark. The only bones that are that dark are fossilized. Also the amount of decay is different for the front of the head and the tail. The bite mark should no longer be discernable and the flesh should be white and slimy from floating in the water. You should not see blood because it would have been washed out. Trust me, I have seen a lot of dead things on the beach. He did a terrible job if he wanted it to look realistic.

    Ice Age: I don’t trust any article on a web page with that many ads for sex appearing on the side. FFS

    Garbage patch: I thought we established that the patch was fake, made up by the media to scare the children before the go to bed at night?

    Orange crocs: I have a friend who rescues box tortoises and if the eggs are under iron rich sand or certain debris they are born orange like this.

    Matthew: “Previous maps caught the public’s attention not for eerie undertones, but because of phallic imagery.” Well…Matthew is going to fuck us royally that’s for sure.

  2. Lovelock quote error . . .
    He has a biological fact technically wrong in his comparison. The neuron is actually analogous to the wire down which the electron travels. It’s not analogous to the electron.

      1. Anyone who has ever fallen
        Anyone who has ever fallen under the spell of cannabis as I did for a few years in college knows full well that anywhere that plant is it is going to be a significant feature of the local human culture if there are no policing actions against its use. For all the trial and stress and physical mishap of being a hunter-gatherer or early agriculturist cannabis would have certainly been on the first shelf of the herbal pharmacopeia. It was one of the first “no-brainers.” He he.

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