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News Briefs 17-08-2016


  • Charles Hoy Fort’s Notes, transcribed and online.
  • Atoms are even smaller than we thought.
  • In possibly related news, the observable universe just got a bit smaller.
  • This physicist has a groundbreaking idea about why life exists.
  • We’ve been wrong about the origins of life for 90 years.
  • Solar storm nearly sparked war in 1967.
  • Scientists ‘reprogram’ mouse cortical neurons with light.
  • Possible cause of flashbacks discovered.
  • Split personality: Schizophrenia emerged after Humans diverged from Neanderthals.
  • Newly discovered primate bones appear to be the most primitive ever found.
  • Tribal leader shows off ‘smoked’ mummy he sleeps with.
  • Traces of sun storms locked in tree rings could confirm ancient historical dates.
  • ‘Poltergeist’ baffles hardened Police Scotland officers after they witness paranormal activity including levitating dog.
  • Headline of the day: Sex pigs halt traffic after laser attack on Pokémon teens.

Quote of the Day:

The fate of all explanation is to close one door only to have another fly wide open.

Charles Fort

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