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News Briefs 10-08-2016

Events and accidents?

Quote of the Day:

My life seemed to be a series of events and accidents. Yet when I look back I see a pattern.

Benoit Mandelbrot

  1. The first neural dust
    Wittingly or unwittingly, the first human facilitated neural dust may have been aerosolized piezoelectric barium nanocrystals.

    “A progressive domino-like ‘metal to ligand to metal’ ferrimagnetic corruption of the conduits of electromagnetic superexchange is initiated. The TSE diseased brain can be likened to a solar charged battery on continuous charge; where the Mn contaminated/Cu depleted circadian-auditory pathways absorb and pile up, rather than conduct the vital life force energies of incoming ultra violet, acoustic and geomagnetic radiation. Instead of harnessing these energies for the body’s own bio-rhythmic requirements, an infrasonic shock induced metamorphosis of the Mn atom intervenes; initiating an explosive pathogenesis that perverts the healthy pathways of darkness and light; Cu prions are replaced by hyperpolarized Mn 3+ prions that seed self perpetuating ‘cluster bombs’ of free radical mediated neurodegeneration. TSE ensues.”
    The heightened sensitivity to infrasound, low frequency sound, and shock waves in organisms that have bio-accumulated barium nanodust could perhaps explain things like the “Taos Hum” to which some individuals are more sensitive than others. Perhaps there is something about their physiology or exposure that causes them to accumulate more of the barium and have a higher sensitivity.
    Perhaps too there could be a relation to other brain degenerative disorders such as Alzheimers which is at such epidemic proportions.

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