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News Briefs 27-07-2016


Quote of the Day:

The multiverse is the last refuge of the die-hard materialist.

Philip Comella

  1. News
    Incoming salt

    Beast: Many have been saying this for years and no ones believed them. How hard is it to believe that humans keep big cats as pets and sometimes they get out?

    Alien city: Can we please stop calling it “alien?” Why does that overused word have to be tacked onto everything unknown to science? FFS it’s probably a natural formation. Google concretion, then talk to me about how much you think you know about the forms nature can create. More importantly, why can’t it be a human civilization? Why f**king aliens every time?

    Ants: That moment when you realize ants advanced before humans, but stopped at agriculture because they realized that industry isn’t a good thing. They could rule the planet if they wanted to, but decided against it. If only we learned from the ants.

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